Friday, February 17, 2012

V/A "SWAMP ABYSS SORCERY" - an amazing guide to Floridian UG METAL

We can often read about the scenes from Maryland, Portland or NY... but it would be an error to think that the Florida's scene stoped living in the late 90's when the death metal wave started to be out of breath !!!
This great compilation is here to present us the best newcomers from the Sunshine State, 11 bands from Death Metal to Sludge, not forgetting Doom, Drone and D-Beat... a well assembled mix of extreme heavy sounds that give a rather complete overlook on great upcoming bands...
Even if no band is uninteresting, I will write about bands that deserve a mention according to my tastes and there's quite many ultimately, not that I'm especially open-minded, I think this is more due to a great general quality, which therefore totally justifies the relase of this product !
I must admit that the sequence of the first 4 bands is absolutely remarkable : SHROUD EATER's riff machine opens the compliation with the nice "pale rider", soon followed by DRUID LORD with some great slow and gloomy doom with a few Death metal overtones... Who's next ? FATAL, yes the old Death/Thrash gods with the ripping "slaughtered conscious" , shit, what a fucking good surprise to get them here with a new song !!! This 1st part ends with the Doomed Sludge monsters HOLLOW LEG, their "warbeast" reminds me that their new album should be something huge !!!
From all the others, I would say that FIRE IN THE CAVE with their long "civilized swamp" have impressed me the most, an extremely intense and thick piece of blackened volcanic Doom with a great dose of refined atmospheres; but HOT GRAVES with their amazing D-Beat assault and EXTREMELY ROTTEN with their splattering DM are also worth discovering...

This is a FREE compilation, so I couldn't encourage you enough to Download this right NOW, please support such initiatives .... this is essential for the scene !!!

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