Sunday, February 15, 2015

... a year of DOOM : TOP 15 of 2014

It's not because T.O.P. is asleep that I won't post my usual Best-Of the year !!!  there's a few pieces here that came out late in the year (November/December), so it took a few supplementary weeks to get into everything and give those the great place they were deserving... No order of preference, just ranked by alphabetical order ! 
cheers (Steph)

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE "Of Woe and Wounds" (Cruz del sur Music)

A VERY OLD GHOST BEHIND THE FARM "La Came Crude" (Peccata Mundi rds)

BARABBAS "Messe pour un Chien" (self-release)

COFFINWORM "IV.I.VIII" (Profound Lore rds) 

DOPELORD "Black Arts, Riff Worship and Weed Cult' (self-release)

DREAD SOVEREIGN "All Hell's Martyr" (Van rds)

GRAND MAGUS "Triumph and Power" (Nuclear Blast rds)

GRAVES AT SEA / SOURVEIN  "split LP" (Seventh Rule rds) 

KIMI KÄRKI "the Bone of my Bones" (Svart rds)

LORD MANTIS "Death Mask" (Profound Lore rds)

OCEAN CHIEF "Universums Härd" (I Hate rds)

PURPLE HILL WITCH "S/T" (Church Within rds)

SERPENT VENOM "Of Things Seen &Unseen" (Church Within rds)

SPECTRAL HAZE "I.E.V. Transmutated Nebula Remains" (Soulseller rds) 

THE SKULL "For Those Which Are Asleep" (Tee Pee rds)

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