Friday, January 6, 2012

ask a Question to DAVE SHERMAN for an upcoming Interview in T.O.P. !!!

I've actually to prepare an interview with Maryland's DOOM legend : DAVE SHERMAN... and I thought some of you might me interested to ASK HIM A QUESTION...!!!!??? you can do it through the mail adress of T.O.P. (mentioned in the "editor words" section on your right) or by posting it as a comment below. The 5 most interesting questions will be selected   (deadline will be 13th January... thanx !)
I thought the musical journey of DAVE was so rich and influential that a little reminder  would be a true fuckin' pleasure for all of us... ENJOY !  

                                WRETCHED - "See Your Face" from the 1st album "Life Out There"

                           WRETCHED - "define why"from the 2nd album "Psychosomatic Medicine"

                    WRETCHED "Realm Of Freedom" from the 3rd album "Center Of The Universe"

                         SPIRIT CARAVAN - "lost sun dance" from the 1st album "Jug Fulla Sun"

           SPIRIT CARAVAN "dreamwheel" - tittle track of the ep - live   at the 1st edition of SHOD 1999

                         SPIRIT CARAVAN "elusive truth" - titel track from 2nd album - live in Ohio  2001

                                  EARTHRIDE "Taming of the demons " - title track of 1st album

                       EARTHRIDE "vampire circus" - title track of 2nd album - live at SHOD 08/2011

                         EARTHRIDE "destruction song" from the 3rd album "Something Wicked"

                                         WEED IS WEED "Alligator crawl" from demo 2011

                                DISTANT SUN 10/29/05 - The Captain Beyond Tribute band
                                              featuring Sherm on vocals and tambourine​!

                                            HANK Williams III with DAVE SHERMAN


  1. Well if this is the Sherman I knew from High school parties,is this the Sherman that might go orp(;={? As I wonderd stray! My attitude must change rite? The band has survived eternity, you are great too see. Stone

  2. Sherman, can you please tell us about the time you played Deep Purple.

  3. I hate that little herpetic bitch.