Friday, April 29, 2011


Formed in eraly 2010, this 4 piece finnish doom band includes 2 members of the stoner band RITE which already released 3 albums.After a first demo which was suffering of a very amateurish sound, they're back with their second recording, consisting of 2 songs "guilt" and "the trials of a pyramid builder". This time the sound is a bit better, but still average, it's a pitty cause their style is rather interesting. GRAVE SIESTA play some mid-tempo groovy doom metal, closed to bands like Cathedral, Pentagram, St Vitus or Reverend Bizarre; so expect good songs the old doomy way, but both also include some more powerful parts in the more modern heavy rocking way. There's a great work on vocals, old school half-spoken melodic style a bit in the vein of R.B.; the atmosphere is globally gloomy, mesmerizing, which finally make them quite different from most bands from their country. With all these good components, I doubt they'll have problems to find a deal with this time a professionnal recording....


  1. Thanks for review!

    One song from the first demo re-recorded and one new song available at:

    We went to studio and recorded seven songs. Release coming pretty soon.

    - Mikko / GS

  2. set the cd free.(oh and your moms tit's too)