Thursday, September 29, 2011

"earth" new demo by DOOMSOWER - available via free download !!!

After their first album "vintage era" released through DMA rds in the first days of this year and some line up changes, this band from Portland (Oregon) has recently released a new demo called "earth" -available via free download- ... First I clicked on the link with curiosity, you know like when it's free you sometimes tell yourself "oh, why not, there's nothing to loose ?!" I didn't need several listenings to admit what became obvious "oh shit, I did well, this band fuckin' rules " !!! I really wonder why they aren't more known, despite being on Ed Barnard's label and above all having such talent to display awesome trad' Doom ?!!! So many many many releases come out regularly, DOOMSOWER prooves again and more than ever that it's almost impossible not to miss sometimes great bands.
But everyone is given here the opportunity to catch up the mistake to have "neglect" them, so let's hope that this new line-up and demo will be a kind of booster to get the recognition they fully deserve.
Saint Justin Doom ( vocals/guitar) has been indeed joined by The Doom Rocker (bass) and The Beard Of Doom (drums), forming certainly now a more homogeneous entity, stronger both musically and humanly.
DOOMSOWER style didn't change radically at all, still pretty much influenced by the referent of trad' doom SAINT VITUS and some of its best apostles Reverend Bizarre and The Gates Of Slumber, musically and vocally wise, with Justin's singing sounding brillantly like Scott Reagers or sometimes Karl Simon.
But they aren't a copy of anyone at all, it's just that the type of sound and structures remind these bands.
Songs are on average not as long as previously (the album contained 2 songs lasting 14 mn) which gives more catchiness; production is in some parts just average but this is a demo and all in all it does fit pretty well with this raw and gloomy style of doom.
I especially enjoy "el camino real" and "stone pussy", raw and crushing with some very skilled solos by Justin showing a wider range of influences (eyeing a bit on blues), while "meteor" has a more intimate mood but introduces in some parts an external soundtrack that in my opinion doesn't bring anything special, nothing really damaging though.
This band has a deep character, breathing Doom with authenticity and nobility, just for that they deserve respect but that's not all, so give them a new chance by downloading this new demo and believe me you will quickly become a new addicted fan, like I did a few days ago !!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

short teaser + presentation of UZALA's debut album by Chad Remains

Delivering some very interesting vintage fuzzy Doom with dark enchanting female vocals, UZALA has gained a solid following with their awesome demo and many gigs with prestigious bands like Yob, Dark Castle, Weedeater, Red Fang, Zoroaster, Cough, Wolvserpent and many others...
Their debut album now recorded, here's in a few lines what Chad (guit) has to say about it :

We are preparing for the release of our first full length self titled LP. Recorded in the spring of 2011 at the Visual Arts Collective by Blake Green (WOLVSERPENT) and mastered by Andy Lippoldt (Persistence in Mourning)

Available on vinyl through At War With False Noise and on cassette through Witch Sermon come November or December. Cover art by the lovely and talented Darcy Nutt (UZALA) and the design is by the ever masterful Stephen O'Malley (Burning Witch, KHANATE, SUNNO))), Aethenor)

Contains new songs such as "Batholith", "Ice Castle", "WarDrums", and a few songs re-recorded from the four song demo from last year. We felt these songs deserved a better performance and a better recording, so we did them again with Blake at the helm. We are very pleased with the results and we are also pleased to have Nick Phit (Graves at Sea, Atriarch) join us on this album on bass as well as joining as a member of UZALA. Timothy "Hammerhands" Harris played drums on "WarDrums" as well as help with arranging that new song.

The cassette version will contain the bonus track "Cataract" and as yet we do not have plans to release this on CD. Time will tell...
We are also working on three new songs for splits with the killer bands PALLBEARER, MALA SUERTE, and BONGRIPPER. Also talking with Norwegian rippers HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN about a split as well.

Monday, September 26, 2011

finally signed on Profound Lore rds : PALLBEARER

Following a successfull debut demo last year, numerous gigs with Sourvein, Nacthmystium, Rwake, etc... these doom metallers from Arkansas have recorded earlier this year their full length debut "Sorrow and Extinction"....
another good piece of massive and melodic trad doom metal to expect for sure !

But after performing at The Days of The Doomed fest and having a mini tour with Anhedonist, things have changed this summer concerning the record label...
Indeed, originally planed on Shadow Kingdom rds, it will be finally released on Profound Lore records !!! 

 "Sorrow and Extinction"  will contain new versions of "the legend" and "devoid of redemption", as well as 3 new songs including "foreigner" that you can listen on the live video below...In addition, the vinyl release of the album will be handled by Contagion Releasing.
Doom descends in February 2012 !

"the legend" from demo 2010

                                                 "foreigner" live Downtown August 13 2011!/pallbearerdoom
The demo on CDr and some more stuff available here :

1st edition by CAST IRON CROW

When a biography is sufficiently comprehensive and realistic while remaining humble and faithful, like this one, I have no qualms about doing a quick  copy / paste !!!

"CAST IRON CROW is a four piece grunge / alt metal Bay Area band that channels the sounds of their childhood. When Alice in Chains released their debut record "Facelift" in Aug of ...1990, Cast Iron Crow held an average age of less than a year old. However, their early exposure to Grunge has perhaps lent itself to giving their music an effortless authenticity.
The band's sound transports the listener to a time, when MTV and the radio airwaves were dominated by the relevant and timeless music that the grunge era provided. Having consumed and digested the best rock music had to offer in the last 20 years, Cast Iron Crow has the benefit of a perspective that allows them to tastefully blend elements of their favorite sub genres of the 90's and on. A cup of Alice in Chains a pinch of Soundgarden a dash of Tool a sprinkle of a Perfect Circle... is that a hint of Motorhead?
To quote Henry Rollins "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on." After suffering his second broken collar bone in 2009, Jake was forced to quit guitar and thought his musical career might come to an end. Undeterred, he took up singing and was surprised at how naturally it came. Shortly thereafter Jake teamed up with lifelong musical co-conspirators Sam Gouveia (guitar), Joey Evans (bass), Ryan Long (drums) to form Cast Iron Crow.
Out of the gate the band marveled their native East Bay community with a surge of successful shows and by destroying a Bay Area battle of the bands competition. Praise by Tim Sult of "Clutch", Eddie Hernandez of "All Shall Parish", and a mass of new fans further propelled the band to record their debut full length record "First Edition" at legendary San Francisco institution Hyde St. Studios. "

Well, first I would like to clarify that the following conclusions are the result of the listening of just the three tracks provided for promotional purposes, so it's certainly a representative draw of the album but (although I doubt) maybe not definitive... "alt metal" this is something that speaks certainly to american people but to me, and I think to other europeans, that doesn't tell much and that sounds even a bit pejorative, but ok this is pretty much influenced by grunge cult acts like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, while honestly I don't hear much any Tool influence, I would rather add Clutch and Black Sabbath to the list...
This indeed reminds the early 90's when great heavy music was still programmed on TV and Radio but the groovy stoner touches give it a modern touch too... I think that can suit to many people from various scenes, being enough heavy, kick-ass stuff !
I really like the first song "beyond the brain" with its slow doomy second part, inducing great sabbath-esque vibes; while "brother" is certainly the track that has caught Tim Sult's attention with an impressively blowing groove and brilliant 70's like heavy rockin' solos. Vocals performance is very talented, I don't know if Jake is particularly as charismatic as his elders but (like Chris Cornnell and Layne Staley), this is the kind of guy whose warm and charming  voice can lead his band very high...
The 3rd song  "people of clay" is  a ballad, well done and probably a future hit but I doubt this was a good idea to put that one as promo when there's just 3 songs presented ... this isn't unpleasant but not my cup of tea at all; that's why I would issue a small reserve, hoping there's no other songs like this one  on the album !!! 
The purpose of this promo is nevertheless succeeded : catch the attention about a very promising hope, that's why I'll be following closely the release of this "1st edition" on  next November 8.

Friday, September 23, 2011

interview with Sabine from RITUALS OF THE OAK about new album, forthcoming festivals, Lebanon...

For some more or less understable reasons, it has never really been easy for any metal band hailing from Australia to be under the highlights whichever (underground) style displayed and -just by definition- Doom couldn't be an exception... Everyone will have at least one or two examples in mind, my actual major complaint towards this fact would concern RITUALS OF THE OAK from Sydney.
I honestly don't understand why didn't their fantastic debut "the hour of judgement" get more praise and exposure, sure it was maybe suffering of a slightly average production but I feel this like sad and unfair.
Some people complain after Blood Ceremony and Jex Toth sounding too sweet at times, then they should carefully listen the top notch epic doom from this mesmerized quartet, definitely not for wimps or trendies ! 
Leaded by the charismatic Sabine and her hypnotic vocals, the quartet likes slow, epic and ethereal atmospheres  full of emotions and melodies. Their appearance on the split with Apostle of Solitude and Flight of Sleipnir has shown an interesting development in the songwriting, more compact, mature and personal, that let pleasantly suggest an awsesome sophomore album.
Sabine answered kindly my questions, read that and support them !

 - Hey Sabine, thanx for answering the following questions ! How is it going ? So this is soon the end of winter in Australia, is it a season that can be hard to stand where you live ? Are seasons very different one from each other or that tends to be more and more linear just like in here (at least between spring and summer, autumn and winter) ?
Hi Stéphane! It is my pleasure mate! All is well on our side of the world; it’s Spring time, a pretty season here. Winter isn’t harsh at all compared to European countries and North America. The overall weather is very temperamental though: it rains in summer all the time, and you can get warm days in winter. But we’re not really here to talk about the weather so let us have it hah!

- "Hallward" the song featured on the 3 way split with Apostle of Solitude and Flight of Sleipnir is very long (18 mn), slow and repetitive, almost funeral doom stuff... pretty different from the debut album, was this the perfect occasion to release such type of song ? unless you have to play a special extended show, this one will be hard to play live ?!!!
Yep. You got that right! Hallward is definitely the longest most repetitive song we had; it was always meant to be released on a split. We decided that pretty much while we were writing it. We actually played it live a couple of times. The first time was at Doom Shall Rise in 2010 and the European crowd loved it! But from memory, (and that’s a bit hazy given the amounts of grog we were consuming on a daily basis) we played it a tiny little bit faster I think and it worked. We played it again in Sydney and had a good reaction too, but I think we will move on to play newer material in the future.

- During the session for "hallward", you also recorded a cover from Fates Warning "the sorceress", for which purpose ? (a tribute, the new album ... ?) Are you sometimes playing covers live and/or at rehearsals ?
We certainly did record “The Sorceress” as a tribute to Fates Warning’s Arch era (he walks on water as far as I’m concerned!). This song is also intended for a separate release. Not necessarily a split release but maybe a 7”!? We’re not quite sure yet, but it will hopefully be out within the year!

As far as live covers go, we totally love that shit! We covered The Sorceress once, and Rainbow Demon by Uriah Heep as well as Roky Erickson’s Stand for the Fire Demon. There’s just too many songs we all want to cover we can’t bloody agree on more haha!

- Just like "the hour of judgement", the new album will also contain 5 songs; could you name the titles and speak about the general mood ? On this one, you did write some of the lyrics, did you introduce new themes ? I know you're not writing and singing about birds and flowers, neither playing happy stuff, but do you consider that you bring somekind of positive female sensitivity ?
We haven’t actually made an announcement yet about the album title and tracks etc. as we have been waiting on the artwork to be finalised, but what the hell! We’re naming it “Come Taste the Doom” in tribute to Deep Purple’s MKIII and MKIV. We drunkenly decided on it one night! It also consists of 5 songs entitled: Here, On the Sixth Moon, The Horla, Serpentine Tongues and All Wells Are Poisoned. It’s a doom album; I hate pigeon-holing bands and albums into sub-genres. It’s certainly melodic with some acoustic guitar parts courtesy of Shane, but overall, it’s a doom album.

I wrote the lyrics to 2 of the songs: The Horla and Serpentine Tongues. Matt wrote the rest and he did an epic job that Shrifficus! (who knew drummers could be this creative, eh?)
I am mostly inspired by literature and some philosophy and the occult and I guess I bring that to the table, more so than a feminine touch (as you’ll find me guzzling on wine straight from the bottle at rehearsals/recordings/gigs if they’d let me. Not very feminine-like! Hah)

- How do you think that people generally think about/describe Rituals of The Oak : "that aussie doom female fronted band" or "the occult female doom band from the other side of the planet" or .... ? do you feel interested by the retro 70's/occult doom stuff with female vocals like Blood Ceremony, Jex Toth...?
I absolutely love those bands! And we are always compared to them because all those singers have boobs! But in all seriousness, I am very much inspired by all this music and don’t mind the labels really! We’re happy as long as people like the music!

- I've read about your interest for poetry authors, especially french Baudelaire or de Maupassant... was this interest born out of studies ? At the internet and multimedia era, that kind of books and litterature are certainly left behind, do you feel it's a cultural heritage that future generations need to perpetuate ? have you ever read or heard about the french metal band MISANTHROPE , particularly their last album "irremediable" who is a concept album on Baudelaire's identity/history ?
Baudelaire and De Maupassant are two of my favourite writers of all time. I did pick them up from school, growing up in a country which was once under the French mandate. Thankfully, the French left us with so much culture in which I have been basking for years hehe. Baudelaire is my absolute favourite! I have many editions of “Les Fleurs du Mal”, possibly my favourite book ever! And at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, since I don’t get the time to read anymore, I really do think that a small portion of culture is moving towards becoming obsolete in the wake of this revolution in the media and technology fields! That is definitely worth fighting for!
I have heard of MISANTHROPE but I don’t think I have checked them yet. I definitely will now!!

- Well, let me ask you a personal question, Sabine is a pretty name which is french-souding just like your sister's (Nadine), is that related to your lebanon origins (I know that french is often spoken there and there's historical/cultural relations between both countries) ? I presume it wasn't easy to listen metal in Lebanon 15 or 20 years ago, how did it evolve with time ? How did you get the opportunity to leave for Australia ? What are the main things that have changed in your life then ?
As I previously mentioned, I was born and raised in Lebanon and came to Australia with my immediate family in 2004. You are correct; French is actually our second languages and we started learning it as soon as we started school! A lot of subjects are taught in French instead of Arabic. I am the oldest of 4 children; I have 2 sisters and a brother, Denise, Nadine and Pierre; we all have French names as you can see heh! My parents brought us here in 2004 after my father got a job offer. We left Lebanon and that was definitely the hardest thing I ever had to do in terms of leaving everything behind and coming into this strange land where I knew no one. I have since then adapted very well; I met Shane, and we married in 2006. We ended up joining musical forces in 2008 and now live in an awesome terrace with Matt and having the time of our lives. As much as I hated my parents for uprooting me from my life, I am now convinced coming to Australia was a rockin’ decision.

As you said, unfortunately, the authorities in Lebanon made it extremely difficult for us to get hold of Metal CDs, cassettes etc. It’s pretty much blacklisted! A lot of young men and women were jailed, simply for wearing band shirts and listening to Metal. Ignorance rules supreme in that region! Despite all the bullshit, we managed just fine. We didn’t even have an internet ADSL connection until just a bit over 10 years ago, so you had to know people who knew other people who had access to some metal cassettes that they had smuggled in the country and we would make copies of those. Things are heaps better now, thank fuck! Some CDs are now available in music stores around Beirut mostly but a lot of metal remain blacklisted. It is a pitiful situation! Lebanon is so beautiful in many ways, and butt ugly in others.

- You're announced at the next Days of The Doomed, in june 2012, that's a very exciting project with lots of great bands and friends to meet there !? Are your working on possibilites for other dates in the States ?
We are absolutely stoked to be playing Days of the Doomed. We cannot bloody wait to get to the US. Mike, the promoter, has been a top bloke and he’s also been helping us put a mini-tour together with a couple of other doom bands. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we will make an announcement as soon as we can!

- Even if doesn't concern Doom first, it seems that things are moving in the Melbourne's scene with festivals like Doomsday or Evil Invaders, both next editions will include the band, how do you enjoy this and do you think that your new album will allow you to give more gigs in other parts of the country ?
You mean Sydney! That’s where we’re from. Evil Invaders was held in Melbourne for the first couple of years but Hushy, has now relocated to Sydney and had the 3 one here. Doomsday is a national festival though. But yes! Things have been heaps better in Sydney over the last couple of years: we had some good bands pop up and mad overseas acts, as well as festivals like Evil Invaders and Doomsday. Thank fuck! That might mean a bit more appearances for Rituals of the Oak too, as you can see we’re playing both festivals. The new album is definitely at the heart of our future live gigs as we are planning a set that includes at least 3 new songs off “Come Taste the Doom”. A mini-tour in the US will also be an awesome opportunity to promote it after its release.

- You did the "doom shall rise" fest in 2010, how did you enjoy playing in Europe ? Was it like what you expected ? Can't d.USK bring RIUTALS OF THE OAK with them at Roadburn ?
Doom Shall Rise is hands down the best I ever had with any band. That festival captivated the amazing European doom spirit: it felt so intimate and bands were all supportive of each other and it was very well organised. I can’t talk enough about how much fun we had at that festival. And the reaction was nothing short of overwhelming. We had no idea we had such amazing fans on the other side of the world. I would play Doom Shall Rise again in a heartbeat! We would love to play Roadburn; I wish that was a possibility as we were there last year and had an epic time, but we obviously can’t do both Europe and the US within a couple of months!

- Thanx Sabine, add anything you feel important about release date of the album, other merchandise, etc...
Nah not much, mate! Cheers for the interview, we really appreciate it! It’s Friday 6:20pm and I am VERY late for cocktail hour at our pad of doom! Have a mad weekend buddy!

"In Partibus Infidelium" by EVANGELIST

                                                                                   EVANGELIST claim with force to be the first epic doom metal band from Poland... After dozens of more or less average grind and atmospheric death bands in the late 80's /early 90's, this country has since then  just proved potencial through 2 or 3 major death metal acts like Vader, Decapitated or Behemoth, nothing except if I started suddenly suffering from Alzheimer's disease, I can't contradict them on the point that doom metal has never been really represented in the scene by any serious polish band. But now EVANGELIST's first album "In Partibus Infedilium" has everything required to change those facts, even if the band is pretty mysterious (no infos about the line up, no gigs,etc...) , the essential is the music and these guys have a lot of solid arguments for that, exposed during the six songs that last about 40 minutes.
What comes first to mind is the professionalism of the whole stuff, from the cover to the production, and most essentially  musically with deeply sharped and developed skills... Formed in 2003, EVANGELIST is more than mature, things have been done in order and very well done.
Musically, they apply very carefully the good old recipes of epic doom metal  concocted by Candlemass in their early days : heavy and melodic riffage, pounding drums, amazing technical solos and elegant vocals which could be a nice cross between Johan Langquist and Messiah Marcolin... no kidding, this is an excellent performance !
This is the kind of (too rare) bands who help you to remind that epic doom metal is as much influenced by heavy metal from the early 80's than by old Black Sabbath and believe me this has really a delightful taste !
PSYCHEDOOMELIC has again released here a very interesting affair, sure it's not necessarily flashy with a marketed and generic occult approach or whatever unoriginal but selling characters, but this is perfectly well executed, sincere and totally dedicated to the true spirit of epic heavy/doom metal, so help them getting a well-deserved larger attention, you won't regret your investment.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

an interview with Bob from the SOGGY BOG radioshow

Sure, BANDS are the most essential actors of the scene, if they weren't there, we would simply not be here everyday to speak about them and internet would loose at least for myself 95% of its interest !!! That's a fact ... But some important actors of the scene, who aren't enough praised for their major support, are radioshow programmers; among many podcasts, the SOGGY BOG is one of the most awesome show, very informative and updated.
Bob is an expert totally dedicated and supportive to the doom/stoner/sludge genres. I thought it could be interesting to let him speak about his activities and believe me this passionate guy has lots of interesting stuff to tell about with a refreshing and communicative enthusiasm !!!

- Could you please present yourself and tell us about your previous experiences in radioshow and other activities related to underground metal ?
Greetings and thanks for the interview! Before the Soggy Bog I used to be part of an internet radio show called The Conte and Kenny Show. Basically I was a producer/3rd of 4th mic. The show was pretty much a "comedy/talk" format but I always tried to get metal somehow involved. I set up interviews with Gene Hoglan, Away, Jeff Olsen and Niklas Kvarforth and Maniac( together both on the same show). I left the show because i started doing my own Podcast called Ye Olde Metal Shoppe (basically old school metal). Dave Ingram (Metal Breakfast Radio) and Grammie Dee (The Autopsy Report) were my inspirations to do a metal show. Its what I knew best. Then I started a few other shows Blood Eagle (Viking folk Pagan Metal), Stygian Passage (Dark Ambient, funeral doom,). Then came Soggy Bog. It just felt like it was perfect fit for me. Ive ALWAYS loved the heavy riff.

- When did you start the "Soggy Bog" show ? How did the opportunity come to (finally) do it ? Which material resources do you have ?
I started Soggy Bog in April of 2010. Or was it May? I had the time so I just gave it a go. Im glad I did. Regarding resources i use Garage band on my Mac. At first i was using my inboard mic but now ive upgraded to a broken piece of shit mic :)

- How do you prepare a programm ? which keywords do you always keep in mind ?
First I try and come up with an idea that may be a bit different for an internet show/podcast. Thats why I like to collaborate with musicians. I think people are more interested in what Theo Mindell from Orchid, Nick from Serpent Venom or Phil Swanson from Seamount might like to listen to. Those guys are part of fantastic bands. Me, Im just a schlep.

- You did a few collaborations with for example Jason from TGoS or Lasse from Hooded Menace putting out their own playlist, except time's constraint do you give the guest a few guidelines ? Who are some of the next guests planed ?
Besides time, nope not really. No guidelines. I tell the guys that my show is doom stoner sludge and then they get it. But i really dont care what they pick. Just whatever they dig is cool by me. I ask them because I respect them. I do have some guests planned, but i like to keep that hush hush :)

- You did recently an interview with HANK 3 , how did you enjoy this first one ? I know you did another one with The Wounded Kings, so is that something you want to develop or would that remain rather exceptionnal ?
Interviewing Hank3 was amazing but felt like a deer in the headlights. It was my first interview ever for Soggy Bog and I was a nervous wreck. But i think it turned out alright. I received a lot of positive feedback about that show. Yes i recently interview Steve Mills from The Wounded Kings. I was much more relaxed. Hes a very nice guy and I think we hit it off as well. Id love to share a beverage with that guy some time. His new album In the Chapel of the Black Hand is an amazing piece of music. Im very happy for him. I would like to do interviews every other week or so. I want to keep the show in a constant state of flux. Always changing never stagnating. Im not afraid of making mistakes. If theres one thing ive mastered in life, its making mistakes.

- There's more and more podcasts flourishing, I suppose that like in anything there's good and bad ones, do you recognize yourself in any other one in particular ? With the internet era, doing a radioshow is something completely different now, how do you see this evolution ? do you feel there's a competition with some other podcasts ?

There are a lot of great podcasts out there. One of my favorites is Crestfallen hosted by Kev( . Hes been around the metal doom scene for years. He is a bearded mongrel of the doom. Regarding competition, nah I dont do this for competition. I just push my self to try and do a better show.

- You did this summer a special show "bands of the union vs bands of the confederacy", did you get any special feedback about that idea ? Any other idea(s) about other special competition like this ?
I did ask some friends what they thought of the idea. They all thought it was cool. I didnt want to ruffle anyones feathers ya know. Here in America people are becoming more and more pussified. I received a lot of good feedback about that show as well. I was very happy with it. I do have some more ideas for shows but i like to keep that stuff to myself until its ready to go.

- Your programm often includes very fresh new stuff, how do you manage to get so many promos almost before Ed Barnard ?!!!!
Bands and label have been sending me a lot of stuff lately. I guess as Soggy Bog grows people might be thinking it a good source for promotion. Ed is a master at what he does. is my fave doom site to visit. And the is great as well.

- How do you feel about the development of your programm ? is it something you particularly wonder about ? You also have another radioshow for dark/gothic stuff, is it also becoming a kind of institution in the genre ?
Im happy with the way Soggy Bog has been growing. I had a missed opportunity to put out a split 7" with a well known record label, but I didnt have the finances at the time. Its something I would like to do in the future. Id also like to use Soggy Bog as a vehicle to get more involved with the doom scene. I have ideas brewing in my head, i just need the clams to pay for it. Thanks for asking about my new show! Its called Hellfire Sermon. No its not a black metal show! Its a Southern Gothic, Dark folk, Death country hour long podcast. If you like Those Poor Bastards, Goddamn Gallows, Sons of Perdition you might like it. Go to

- Which are your actual faves for 2011 ? which bands do you think will be somekind of new leaders for the doom scene within the next years ?
Man, 2011 has been overwhelming for heavy tunes! Id say my fave has to be The Wounded Kings In the Chapel of the Black Hand. I also loved Meth Drinker, Serpent Venom, Orchid, Sigiriya, Blood Ceremony, The Gates of Slumber, Hank3's country records are great, soooooooo many! Im sure im forgetting quite a few! Im looking forward to the new Blood of the Black owl coming out on Dec 20 (21st is my birthday, just sayin) on Bindrune Recordings. I really think Meth Drinker, Fister, Pallbearer, Windhand and High Priest of Saturn are going to be successful. There are so many great young bands right now!

- There's been Children Of Doom recently played by Devil, but which other french doom metal bands did you ever programm in the show ?
I dont think I've played enough French Doom bands! But i have played A Very old Ghost Behind the Farm (love them), P.H.O.B.O.S, Monarch!, Year of No Light to name a few. Perhaps an all French show is in order ..hmmmm....

- Thanx man, add anything, especially if you feel I forgot something important !
Well, In October Im trying something new on my show . I will be doing a weekly contest called The Great Deceiver. I have some great prizes that Ill be giving away. Ive asked some bands/labels/artists to contribute merchandise to the prize packages and man, have i got some great stuff on the way! Im really shocked at the response! The first week of the contest is October 6th show. Ill have the rules to the contest on my facebook page soon

Thanks you Stephane! Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you best of luck with Temple of Perdition!

Everybody, now please put this link in your faves and play it LOUD !!!

Tune in to The Soggy Bog every Friday from 11pm-1am EST on, Grip of Delusion every Sunday from 3-5 PM EST, Every friday from 7-9 PM EST on RascalRadio.Net and now on 11PM-1AM EST!

"false mystical prose" by GALLOW GOD

"false mystical prose" is the debut release of GALLOW GOD from England, I don't know if that's more of a mini album or a full length but it lasts 37 minutes, containing 4 long songs of slow traditional doom metal.

I know, there's so many bands flourishing constantly from everywhere that it's sometimes not so easy to make choices, but by nature when you hear or read "english doom" this is generally a guarantee of quality and there's absolutely no exception here with this dark and thoughtful band that is by no means to be taken lightly.

I feel often quickly bored or tired with ultra slow funeral stuff, GALLOW GOD is slow, extremely dark and bleak but still has enough power to catch your constant attention. This is crushingly heavy and miserable but also thougtful and emotional, with a more melodic accent than some finnish bands from the same kind such Fall Of The Idols.

The general atmosphere could remind a gloomier Warning, not far an early Cathedral too by moments with . hints of epicness à la Candlemass bringing a nice little touch of brightness

Vocals are mainly sorrowful and haunting, clear and mournfully melodic but at times elegant and enchanting reminding some doom/death acts of the early 90's, both ways they are perfectly accurate to the music; I think that vocalist Dan Tibbals has large abilities and could provide even more epicness to his way of singing but maybe a more dense production could have helped more.
This was first a self-financed affair, so the financial possibilities for recording were certainly a bit limited ; something that will be obviously corrected with the new album which is already recorded and due to be released within the next months through Psychedoomelic and I'm sure this will show an even more assertive identity.
As for now, this "false mystical prose" is already a solid and superb first foundation of a new cathedral that could quickly reach the peaks of doom. Get it here (CD or vynil) :

Monday, September 19, 2011

announcing Hellfest 2012 and other gigs for a spectacular comeback : ARCTURUS !!!

Great news about the legendary atmospheric/progressive black metal band from Oslo which is back after 4 years of break...
ARCTURUS just played the Southern Discomfort festival in Kristiansand, Norway. More gigs are being booked, and here’s some of them :
14-01-2012 @ Mega Club in Katowice, Poland.
04-02-2012 @ Gagarin 205 in Athens, Greece
04-04-2012 @ Inferno Festival - Norway

ARCTURUS will also be playing a special French festival in 2012 :

15-06-2012 @ Clisson - HELLFEST !!!

This is confirmed here by Mythology agency :

(as well as a gig in Helsinki for d.USK !  luckily it was nearly obvious that just a Roadburn date was a too long trip, more dates are expected certainly...)

If you’re on Facebook, join the official Arcturus page at

Sunday, September 18, 2011


MUTILATION RITES have been out on the road this summer with Brooklyn doomers BATILLUS which has hited parts of the Mid-West and North-East.  Once they returned home from tour they headed straight back into the studio with Kevin Bernsten (Magrudergrind, Pulling Teeth) at Developing Nations Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD.  This was the second recording stint with Kevin for the upcoming MLP.
Estimated release date on this one : October 25th.
Waiting for this, have a listen on their 3 tracks demo (bandcamp link), this is very good blasting black metal  with creepy melodies ,from the great new scene out of NY (with the likes of Krallice, Negative Plane and Black Anvil). A split ep with Battilus has been recenlty released on Shinebox recordings  (including the song "Goliath") (

Early July, WINDHAND (which I presented you a while ago) finished recording and mixing their debut S/T full length at the Dark Room in Richmond, VA by guitarist Garrett Morris (Bastard Sapling, Parasytic).  The record was mastered the week of July 25th at Slipped Disk Audio with Bill McElroy (Pentagram, Avail, Alabama Thunder Pussy).Release date September 27th.

Friday, September 16, 2011

"kult occult" - new album by LEATHER NUN AMERICA

After the great and remarked "absence of light" three years ago, here's  "kult occult" the new album by LEATHER NUN AMERICA, one of the hotest power trio of the planet ! This is more than ever old-school riffing typed, a raw and immediate blend of old Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Goatsnake, Karma To Burn or even Motörhead. On this 9 songs album, released last week on Psychedoomelic, these guys prove again their most essential caracter : authenticity ... The music and the general attitude remain underground and luckily not meant at all to change ! Guys that aren't afraid to put balls and guts on the table,  in a sticky ambiance, smelling oil and whiskey under a crushing heat !                                                                    This is always a tasty mix of  Stoner, Doom and Rock'n Roll, characterized by groove and massive heaviness; but what's maybe new, welcome and well executed  is a developed sensibility, through more nice harmonies and melodies, especially in  accoustic structures that could sometimes remind Wino's "adrift", this gives air and brightness  to the overall, more varied than previously.
"murderrkult", "warhorse" and "sacrosanct" could be the highlights of the album but there's no real downtime in this solid piece of rockin' doom. Not so many bands can transmit such feelings of identification,  a kind of  communicative (exciting but somewhat painful, skinned alive - too) welfare; so, yes, more than ever, listening LEATHER NUN AMERICA  gives a feeling of wild freedom and that's just fuckin good !

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doom from Maryland in its purest tradition : interview with WAR INJUN

I'm sure that WAR INJUN is a name that speaks yet to many of the die-hard fans of the Maryland doom sound, their fantastic debut album "tribal eulogy" (presented here a few motnhs ago) being already a classic of the genre, but now this recognition needs and really deserves a major development. Composed of experimented guys with fair attitudes, this band breathes the purest and rawest rockin' doom you would ever expect. So, before it becomes an expensive collector, I strongly advise you to purchase this album ! Here comes an interview with drummer JB Watson :

 * "tribal eulogy" has the particularity to have been recorded in 2005 but just released 5 long years later (by the end of 2010), for some various personnal reasons (I know that some of you were making families), didn't you feel personally a bit frustrated to wait such a long time for puting out such a fantastic effort ? How did it come that you finally reactivate the process , was it your decision at a special moment or did it come after contacts with the label ?
 Actually Steph, there was talk of releasing Tribal Eulogy via 12th Records or Hellride Music in 2005. Neither of these deals panned out for one reason or another, and starting in 2005 War Injun took a long hiatus. One evening I saw a forum on the Hellride website titled "What Ever Happened to War Injun?". I replied that we had an unreleased full length and that's when I got in touch with F.J. from Blood & Iron Records. He did not hesitate on releasing this CD. I knew F.J. from a 7" split vinyl that we did with his Portugese doom band Dawnrider a few years back. The rest is history.

* Correct me if I'm wrong but the cover of the album represents a kind of traditionnal indian (war ?) cap, why did you choose this ? Is it caracteristic of a tribe in particular ?
 The cover art is an actual totem that Kenny got from a Native American 'Pow-Wow'. A real rattlesnake head, horns, and a raccoon tail. We thought it would make a good album cover.
* The album has been produced by Bruce Falkinburg (Hidden Hand), do you think you would have made the same choice if "tribal eulogy" had been recorded in 2010 ?
 We are very pleased with the overall sound. Bruce is very good at what he does. Naturally we wish Chris K. had a bigger part in the recording process, but we are counting on his expertese for our next release.

* Who do you intend to take as producer for the 2nd album ?
 We have every intention of recording in Chris Kozlowski's "Polar Bear Lair" studio...  

It's a real pleasure to hear the particular and talented voice of JD Williams who used to sing for the regreted Internal Void, Kyle V.S. plays guitar in Earthride too... I know you guys are all experimented but do you think their experience in the doom scene can make some things easier for the band or like young starters you have to (more or less hardly) make your place by your own in a rather overcrowded scene ? 
 All of the bands in the Maryland area influence one another, but I think our sound is unique. We are counting on just that to help us 'branch' out of the doom genre. War Injun has been described as everything from Biker Metal to Power Doom, both tags fit us. I believe the experience we all have in previous bands mixes together to have a sound like none other than War Injun.

You all have Native american blood flowing through your veins (Navajo, Sioux, Cherokee, Arapaho, Mandan), is there a very different heritage from one tribe/community to another ? I suppose this particularity gives you a very special uniqueness and strength ?
 Not necessarily. Just as most people, we are proud of our heritages.

 * I've read that INJUN is slang for indians, what does it exactly means ? Do some of you speak indian dialects ? Have any wise Native people (old or not) had reactions towards you claiming your heritage, culture through a (doom) band ?
Injun is slang for Indian. We are just trying to make a negative into a positive, no disrespect intended.
We actually get support from a few fellow Native Americans on our websites.

* You recently played at the Stoner Hands of Doom and it seems W.I. gave a killer show, getting a very warm response... How did you enjoy it ? Did you personally enjoy some bands playing there and had time to meet bands/friends ? I'm sure it won't take too long before you guys come and play in Europe, which countries are you most impatient to visit ?
 SHoD was a good time all around. Lots of good music and cool people who truly support the doom scene. As far as playing in Europe, Anywhere would be a pleasure. A large part of our fan base is over the pond...

* Could you please speak a bit about new material you're working hard on ? It wouldn't be presumptuous at all to think about releasing the next album on a bigger label or will you still release it on the portuguese label Blood & Iron rds ?
We are currently working on new material at every band rehearsal as well as practicing songs that are completed, but still unreleased. We should have enough material for the next album soon. We haven't discussed this release with any labels to date, but we are looking.

* The doom metal scene has never been as healthy as today, but like in every scene, lots of bands (especially in the 90's, but also today) have been or are completely under-rated... don't you sometimes fear to live the same fate with W.I. ? How do you see the evolution of the scene and your band in particular within the next future years ?
 The recognition of doom music is long overdue. Thanks to the internet and word of mouth, the multitude of talent that has been low on the radar is finally being heard. DOOM ~ The real Heavy Metal.

* Thanx a lot JB, add something if you want (T-shirt infos, etc...)
Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you Steph and for keeping the doom alive!

Visit War Injun at  MYSPACE:
 Buy " Tribal Eulogy" online at:

"the fall of Altrusia" by SLEESTAK

After a first release called "Skylon Express" which was in fact more the addition of their two previous eps  than a real first album, "the fall of Altrusia" is the amazing new release of SLEESTAK, a very original quartet from the Wisconsin formed in 2003 by and around maestro Matt Schmitz (guit/voc/organ).
Let's be clear and direct, the kind of music that SLEESTAK displays during the 7 chapters of "the fall of Altrusia" requires a rather opened mind, a minimum of foresight; but once you entered their spectral range, pleasant and varied feelings are certainly guaranteed !!! That isn't experimental though, spacey but still metallic and even extremely heavy at times, it has a doomy vibe in the sense that you enter here frequently a world of dark, trippy, almost oniric atmospheres which sometimes make you feeling like you're floating in the air (maybe not as light as a butterfly but this is something palpable at least for myself ! ).
The guys have worked hard for affirming a very personnal style, a blend of contrasted and twisted emotions : intense then almost intimist, utterly dark then gently psychedelic, menacing then relaxing...
Even if this is not your usual doom metal, neither atmospheric and ethereal doom/death, I think it can suit to a large part of its most "adventurous" supporters, by its melancholic caracters and sheer heaviness  ("in the beginning", "the prophecy of the great sleep" and "regression within the hive" ) , sounds to me like an obscure, epic and progressive mix between bands like Isis, Clutch, Opeth, Godflesh and Pelican... Not the worst references in terms of songwriting and originality !

Except for the heaviest parts which are not growled but extremely thick and powerful, I know that Matt's vocals are compared to Wovenhand's, don't know much that band but this is certainly a top notch reference; the guy also plays organ which brings a real value, enveloping the music with a delightful mystical and almost intrusive aura.
I would be really curious to see this band live, they recently played at the "Days of the Doomed Fest" for example,  that should be a pretty captivating experience. As for now, I highly recommend this surprising self-released album, it's available for 12 $ (pp) and comes with nice stickers from :

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

another schön release on Church Within rds : SPANCER "greater than the sun"

Another release from the almighty german label due to be released tomorrow (along with Sigiriya, which I reviewed last week)... SPANCER formed about 12 years ago and deliver here their 3rd album, the 2nd issued on Oli's label after "slowly we rock" three years and a half ago.  As the previous title and the biography let it suppose, these guys have a great sense of humor, but believe me we deal here with some very very serious stuff !  some bad ass SLUDGE carefully enriched with doom and stoner elements ... Imagine a mix between Eye Hate God, Sleep, Winter, Grief The Obsessed and Lynyrd Skynyrd... sounds pretty outstanding ? Yes that is, I've honestly rarely heard something so heavy, sick and transcendental at the same time !!!   There's two major bassists here which create a massive wall of crushing heaviness, while the guitar is more here to compensate by top notch obscure psychedelic or even sometimes southern effects, than bringing on more agression. Vocals are rather typically sludge, somewhere between Mike Williams and Dave "Dixie" Collins, raw and angered  but  a few times cleaner and harmonious which show  some welcome sensibility.                 Just 4 songs here for about 45 minutes, pretty long structures but never boring or repetitive at any moment; my fave one being "agent sirus" : thick, smashing with the more developped southern bluesy touches. If someone thinks that Sludge sounds just like dirty chaos with vomited vocals, he should listen to this band and will just need one listening of "greater than the sun" to change his mind about that ! 
Sure this is crushing and chaotic (in the positive sense !) but very structured, airy and terribly catchy... These guys are scortched but extremely talented, exactly the right definition of good Sludge for me, so this is a real must-have. After his holidays in San Fransisco, give some work to Oli and order this one now !!!  


Monday, September 12, 2011

4 questions to Kimi from LORD VICAR about immediate actuality...

This Finnish band has drawn a well-deserved attention from the whole doom planet, first  since its creation by the identity of its both core members - Peter Vicar (guitar) who has left a tremendous legacy to the scene with his previous band Reverend Bizarre and Chritus (ex Count Raven & St Vitus and actually in Weekend Beast too) -  and then with their majestuous 1st album "fear no pain" released  on Church Within rds... The split ep with Circle has shown a serious development towards something more personnal but just one song wasn't enough, the new album is urgently awaited to confirm their exceptionnal potencial... as I told it a few weeks ago, the fatidical date is scheduled for next 31th October ! "the signs of Osiris" now recorded and important gigs to come within the next weeks, I felt like an obvious necessity to ask Kimi Kärki (formerly known also as Peter Vicar) a few questions : 

* How did you enjoy recording the new album ? I've read that it sounds pretty different from your previous works and needs time to really get into and enjoy all its richness, in a few words could you tell its main differences/evolutions ?
The recording process was relatively painless, we strived for a more relaxed performance, almost live feel, and I think we got that vibe after a few obstacles... I love the sound, it's heavy and really natural, the production sounds old, heavy and crisp at the same time... It is musically much much more ambitious than Fear No Pain album, and it goes to many musical directions. The main theme of the Signs of Osiris album is violence, be it through wars, religion, or human relationships. I think it is the sound of a band that has matured a lot together, the musical and narrative quality makes it the favourite musical work I have participated so far. I am quite excited to get it out for people to hear!

* You're soon going to play an already mythic gig in Athens with Candlemass and Trouble, I suppose you're ultra motivated and that represent a very special show for you particularly in this town full of history ?
I love Hellas, have played three gigs there before, but this is the first time with Lord Vicar. I know Greeks love their metal and I have seen some of the most passionate crowds there. Needless to say, playing with these bands -- the two mentioned and also legendary Hell -- will be something special for us again. We will bleed for our art, that much is certain!

* On a more personnal point of view, you're going to give soon an accoustic (solo) gig too, is it your 1st ? do you have concrete plans of recording for this project ?
I have done a few before, all in Finland and really low profile. But I have to say Dublin is a great place to perform this kind of sombre singer/songwriter material, and I am looking forward to it as a new kind of uplifting challenge. I have songs for a full length, would like someone to release it on vinyl at some point. Of course I'd need the time and finances to record the album... There have been some talks about that as well. 
* Finally, it's just been announced that you will play a special gig at Hammer Of Doom 6 festival, to launch the new album...
Yeah, I continue from Dublin directly to Germany for this, so it's going to be some trip, haha! Can't wait for that one, there are so many killer bands and good friends around... In particular, seeing Yet So Far, that is, Revelation with Dennis, Jim and Steve to play again after all these years... It was back in 2003 when we did the first foreign tour of Reverend Bizarre with them and Mirror of Deception... Great memories, even if we called it 'The Sickness Tour ".                                                                                                                        

Thanx a lot Kimi for your kindness and reactivity !!! 

Check out Lord Vicar at and

"the ruins at dusk" by ARCHON

Sometimes there's biographies that make your "job" easier, enough clear and explicit in all aspects :

"Archon is a Brooklyn based doom / sludge metal band having played in various forms since 2008. Recently, the band completed it's first full
length record The Ruins at Dusk.
Archon is the brainchild of Andrew Jude, formerly of NYC sludge/doom heavyweights Agnosis (who broke up in 2006). Having shared the stage with doom heavyweights such as NYC legends Unearthly Trance, Negative Reaction, Relapse Records-signees Cough, and Brooklyn brethren Hull and Batillus, Archon will bring its unique blend of psychedelics, doom and unrelenting heavy sludge to the masses with the release of The Ruins at Dusk and it's first tour in 2011...
 The Ruins at Dusk is the product of 2+ years of hard work & the collaboration of 7 people. The disc blends the atmospherics of Electric Wizard and Pink Floyd with the epic heaviness of Buried at Sea and Neurosis while maintaining a melodic sensibility reminiscent of doom godfathers St. Vitus and Black Sabbath..."

Well, there's honestly not much to add to this, everything is said with concision, realism and humility...

Containing 4 long songs, rich, epic and complex, "ruins at dusk" (released in December last year) has a total playing of  about 55 minutes which can't leave anyone  indifferent, giving the impression of having taken part in a blackened cosmic odyssey rarely equaled.
Besides the presence of compositor Andrew J. (bass/guit/voc) and his drummer Dan K., the involvement of 5 other people bring a pretty hallucinating variety of moods, from obscure trad doom to blackened stoner/sludge via some psychedelic atmospheres who give a few colours to a rather dark overall set.
 But don't expect here, with those guests, weird or unusual instruments or even keyboards, no they just play guitars or sing but add a real value to the band's original style, with different musical cultures certainly but everything remaining very cohesive in this world of down tuned hypnotic tempos and sheer blackness.

To the references mentioned below, I would just add EVOKEN too, but, you understood it, ARCHON can't be exactly compared to anyone and along with the raw, dark beauty of its crushing and hypnotic power, that's what makes its most significent strength...

Please I want more quickly  maestro !!!

And indeed... I've just received a mail from Andrew who confirms that ARCHON is actually in the process of recording a second full length; it'll contain 4 or 5 songs including "Desert Throne" and "Worthless"... no date exactly planed for the release...

and to the question "any gigs/tour planed for the near future?" :

Andrew answers this : "Archon isn't really a touring band, but we're hoping to do a few shows at some point over the Fall/Winter. Unfortunately, we can't really commit to full-time touring, but we want to play as much as possible. I'd love to bring Archon over to Europe, if the promoters will have us!"

One thing is sure, we'll hear from ARCHON in a much more developped way in 2012 !!!
You can download the CD here for 2 dollars (or more) or buy it physically for 7 dollars :