Thursday, April 11, 2013

... BLUT "Drop Out And Kill" (Album review)

After Hands I Annul Yours presented recently in these pages, here's another band working with Major Destroyer Rds who released some months ago their 3rd album "Drop Out And Kill" on Tape format with a bonus song (a cover of Nightstick's "Ultimatum"),  album originally released on CD through Bubonic Prod....  BLUT is a british duo experimenting suffocating heaviness through chaotic Drone-Noise, which at some points will test and certainly reveal your abilities for audio-masochism !

Not precisely evolving in the overused and now somewhat too conventional Sunn O))) type of soundscapes, Blut seems more influenced by Earth early days and also some harsh Industrial/Noise from Cold Meat Industry works of about the same period (early 90's), think about BDN for the blackened sound experiments and Archon Satani for the perpetual sickness, rather than ISN and their epic ambient moods... hehehe, the beast is reveling all its caracter in some of the most blackened and ugly negativity you've ever heard !
Fucked-up and inflicting pain, the musical style is distorted, murky and minimalist within lengthy and repetitive structures... Even if 1st song includes an amazing solo, guitar is mostly present here for heavily-delayed feedback noises, there's some great doomy riffs though but it looks like they are often shared with that punishing distorted bass.

I'm not a specialist of the genre at all but what impresses me with BLUT is their ease to keep your interest almost 100% intact with such well-organized minimalism - while many parts  molest you, all along extended pieces like "Aeon Long Death" and "Skulls, Coffins, Nails" who clock at more than 20 minutes !!! 

Sure, limits of the endurable are often about to be reached and few will have the patience and strength to suffer through such dark and misanthropic moods filled with noisy psyche dementia, but listen this loudly with headphones and in the end you may consider this album as a visceral experience highlighting the blackest corners of your lost soul... Recommended for those who like their DOOM - noisy and unpolished with no boundaries in the extreme !

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