Sunday, April 7, 2013

... Chaos from the Ohio Valley of Doom : FULL ZENITH (demo review)

What still remains cool with demos is that their often short, fresh and containing enough good shit to get a fair idea about a new band, also uncounsciously -or not- you're tempted to more leniency towards some more or less inevitable defaults... at least this is how it works regularly for me and this is exactly what happens with Full Zenith's 1st demo !

Unpredictable, their blend of heavy styles is simply amazing, a mix of HC and Stoner/Doom which could be commonly labeled as Sludge nowadays, but the sources from the ferocious and filthy HC hooks delivered by those guys from Louisville (Kentucky) capture some of the nastiest influences of the mid-80's (from UK and Scandinavia) and those being basically prominent over the downtuned tempos-  this gives a different vibe from your usual piece of meaty Sludge.
HC was at that period comprised of many new varied extreme sonorities, bludgeoning, often mixed together between grind, crust, HC, HC/punk, filthy thrash... on the other side, no Noise here with Full Zenith but believe me this is damn raw and brutal at times, with throaty screams and even a couple of blast beats ! 
You may wonder what justifies the presence of the band here ?! this is simply because in this raging blast, you get some regular slowed-down parts with fuzzy doom-ladden  chords à la Sleep which suddenly make the songs a lot more hazy and crushing, and that's fucking killer !!! Sometimes abrupt, as if the guys turned suddenly into weightlessness, the transitions can also variably happen through other different heavy sounds, from thrash (amazing Slayerish riff in the excellent last minute of 'into the all seeing eye') to Post Metal (last minute -too- of 'Suspended Disbelief').

Brutal, gnarly and extremely heavy, full of variations in the moods, this demo is really a promising debut; the balance between the different sensibilities is good but is somewhat too condensed in songs like 'the final chapter' and 'become death', in that sense I would just suggest that the average length of the songs could be a bit longer and allow to develop the deepness of nice unsmoked soundscapes... not too much though, their music must remain harsh, urgent and intoxicating as presently ! The guys said there's more to expect from them very soon, that's great :) Meanwhile, I recommend you to download this for FREE !!!

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