Tuesday, April 2, 2013

... SHININ' SHADE "Sat-Urn" (Album review)

Shinin' Shade is a five piece Doom band from Parma/Italy that was formed in 2005. They released a demo (2009) and a full length album (2010) both selftitled. After some line-up changes during that time they released the EP Slowmosheen (2012) and now this full length album Sat-Urn (March 2013).
 Shinin’ Shade put a cauldron unto the fire and brew a special doom–sauce of seven songs with a playing time of about 48 minutes alltogether.  They throw in a pinch of stoner, a touch of psychedelia and… oops, a spoonful of progressive sounds. Oh well, let’s taste it…, but be careful, the first riffs of “Our Time And Space” are intoxicating, the beautiful vocals are hypnotizing and the melodies… ohh too late, off you go on a doom trip and get drawn into the dark and gloomy somewhat bluesy atmosphere of “Keyhole/Inner Saturn” and the stoned fuzzy guitar sounds, mesmerizing rhythms and haunting riffs of “Over-Sea Nightmares”. The doom epic “Through The Wires of your Mind” then captivates you with its menacing atmosphere and a guitar part towards the end to die for. In “Nowhere Dimension” the progressive elements get into focus and in “Denied Lovers” I even hear some almost jazzy swing sounds that are still fuzzy and gloomy though. The trip ends with “Epic Talking” the most psychedelic infused song with entrancing rhythms, creepy riffs and melodies.
I can find only some minor flaws in this album. In the quiet part of “Keyhole/Inner Saturn” the song gets a bit thin in its texture and loses too much of tension which spoils the actually great ending of the song. “Nowhere Dimension” sounds a bit uninspired to me. But that’s all I have to bitch about.

The “Sat-Urn” doom-sauce is spiced with a lot of different flavors, complex structures composed into an organic, coherent ‘tasting’ (sounding) doom album with intriguing dynamic changes and tensions, and hauntingly beautiful vocals that fit the music’s atmosphere perfectly well.
My faves of the album are “Through the Wires of Your Mind” and “Epic Talking”.

words by Ulla Roschat 

  Moonlight Records

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