Sunday, April 28, 2013

... DEUIL "Acceptance / Rebuild" (EP review)

It's not that this recording is an outstanding debut revealing your new Blackened Sludge/Doom sensation, I'd say that  we got here 2 rather classical songs of bleak, mournful and abrasive atmospheres somewhere between Black Metal, Drone,Sludge and Shoegaze stuff, but there's something so sick, ambient, aggressive and loud at the same time in this EP that DEUIL is definitely worth of attention for fans of early Altar Of Plagues, Agalloch, Earth...

The Live recording conditions certainly help to feel (and enjoy) a rough and immediate discomfort from their sick and blackened soundscapes; with pretty simple structures, soaked in cold and heathen black metal, the guitar tone is extremely heavy and close to punishing saturated Black/Doom tones... Classically too it has at times that Post BM slight refinement which tends to not feel totally strangled and crawling, but never trying to thicken and/or enlighten their sound with electronic additions (just like they're  not forcing too much the punishing edge of their anger), the quatuor is before anything else perfectly at ease in a foggy context of fear, death and alienation.

Sure there's just two songs, yet for a total duration of 30 minutes and a future full-length would certainly need a bit more variety between the basical structures of each song (pretty much the same between "Acceptance" and "Rebuild", just the 1st is twice as long as the 2nd) but here -on this debut- the band succeeds in keeping the interest intact in a genre that can often be easily adrift in redundancy or weird experimentations.
Another last positive point is that definitely it's always a kind of little bonus when a band's name is such perfectly in mood with its sound and presently DEUIL -which means "mourning" in french- is aptly in accordance with the bleak music those promising  Belgians play...

DEUIL is actually playing several dates in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia...), check out details on their FB page and before all : download this great Name Your Price Affair !

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