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...MOURNFUL CONGREGATION (aus) “A Vicennium of Mourning Tour 2013″‏

Killtown Bookings is proud to present:

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION (aus) “A Vicennium of Mourning Tour 2013″

For the past several months we have worked hard on booking this tour for this amazing band and now the tourdates are finally ready! The tour will start on April 18th with the first show at the infamous Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland and after that continue to spread death, doom and depression on a trail across Europe before heading back to Australia on May 9th. On the way they will also pay a visit to the upcoming DIY doom fest Heavy Days In Doomtown in Copenhagen, Denmark and be joined for the last leg of the tour by US doom sludge outfit, Shadow of the Torturer.

Thursday 18th April Tilburg, Holland Roadburn Festival
Saturday 20th April Durbuy, Belgium Durbuy Rock Festival
Saturday 20th April Ghent, Belgium Decadence
Tuesday 23rd April Paris, France La Miroiterie w. Funeralium !!!
Wednesday 24th April Freiburg, Germany Crash Music Club
Thursday 25th April Zürich, Switzerland Planet 5
Friday 26th April Firenze, Italy Circle
Saturday 27th April Postojna, Slovenia MCP Club
Sunday 28th April Prague, Czech Modra Vopice
Monday 29th April Chemnitz, Germany AJZ Chemnitz
Tuesday 30th April Leipzig, Germany UT Connewitz
Wednesday 1st May Erfurt, Germany From Hell Club
Friday 3rd May Hamburg, Germany Bambi Galore
Saturday 4th May Copenhagen, Denmark HDDT w. Shadow of the Torturer (us)
Monday 6th May Potsdam, Germany Black Fleck w. SOTT (us)
Tuesday 7th May Groningen, Holland Pulse w. SOTT (us)
Wednesday 8th May Rotterdam, Holland Baroeg w. SOTT (us)

“Mournful Congregation are honoured to finally return to Europe in 2013, spreading their plague of death, doom and depression as far and wide as possible” – Mournful Congregation

Unfortunately Mournful Congregation’s official drummer, Adrian Bickle, is unable to join the band for this sojourn. But they are pleased to announce that Tim Call (Aldebaran), who also joined the band on their last US tour in September 2012, will be filling in on drums.

Hence, the live line-up for Europe in 2013 will be;
Damon Good – Guitar/Vocals
Justin Hartwig – Guitar
Stuart Prickett – Guitar
Ben Newsome – Bass
Tim Call – Drums

More info:

Mournful Congregation is from Adelaide, Australia and was formed in late 1993. Throughout the 90′s they recorded two demo tapes, and one full length album, which would only be officially released in 2002. From the beginning they dedicated themselves to writing “Extreme Doom Metal”, utilising extra-slow tempos, down-tuned heaviness and multiple guitar harmonies for the aim of creating depressing, epic and mournful music. With these recordings they slowly spread through the underground metal scene, mostly via tape trading.

In 2005 their second full length, “The Monad of Creation” was released through Weird Truth Productions (JAP) , which solidified their dedication to “Funeral Doom”. 2009 saw the release of their third full length, “The June Frost” also through Weird Truth (JAP) and Ostra Records (FRA). At this point the band played live for the first time ever in their career, starting with an Australian tour, and then moving onto play a 17-date tour throughout Europe.

In late 2011, they released their fourth full length, “The Book of Kings” through 20 Buck Spin (US), Osmose Productions (FRA), Weird Truth (JAP) and Ostra Records (FRA), and subsequently toured the US West Coast. In 2012, they once again toured the West Coast of the US, comprising of 11 dates and a performance at the Stella Natura Festival in California.

1994 – “Weeping” – Demo Tape
1995 – “An Epic Dream of Desire” – Demo Tape
1998 – “Tears From A Grieving Heart” – Full Length Demo Tape
2002 – “The Epitome of Gods and Men Alike” – Split 7″
2002 – “The Dawning of Mournful Hymns” – double CD
2002 – “Tears From A Grieving Heart” – LP
2004 – “A Slow March to the Burial” – Split 7″
2005 – “The Monad of Creation” – CD/ double LP
2007 – “Descent of the Flames” – Split 10″
2008 – “Four Burials” – Split CD
2009 – “The June Frost” – CD/ double LP/ MC
2011 – “The Unspoken Hymns” – CD/ LP
2011 – “Weeping/ An Epic Dream of Desire” – double LP
2011 – “The Book of Kings” – CD/LP


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