Monday, June 13, 2011


Actually consisting in Dean Tavernier (guit/voc), Jim Brucks (guit), Marty Buchaus (bass) and Brad Toth (drums), this band comes from Indiana and presents in my opinion what all fans of doom and metal from the 80's could expect from a new act emerging in 2011 : an obvious talent and originality while respecting the basic rules of traditionnal heavy/doom METAL.
Some hauting melodic pieces, agressive and epic, with lots of harmonies and an high level of musicianship, that's what Dean (also in Skullview, a damn good reference I think) and his dudes tightly deliver... Something closed to  Sorcerer, Candlemass or even Place Of Skulls (for the groovy climates and sense of riffing), doomy, epic and melodic, meeting some 80's heavy/power metal bands full of fresh  and powerful energy... I'm not much into the revival of the 80's heavy metal sound, can't tell exactly who are the best newcomers on that side but one thing I know is that it's been a very long time since I heard such a brilliant vocalist along with a very impressive true metal duo guitars (listen to the fantastic "rolling storm")!!! STONE MAGNUM has already played quite a number of cool gigs with Raven, The Gates of Slumber, Earthen Grave, etc... and next one, scheduled for 18th june, is a participation at the "Warriors of metal" festival in Ohio. No doubt that I'll write again about S.M. when the album is released on RIP records (a label that knows what quality old school metal means)...while waiting for this awaited 1st effort, you can listen to the following long doomy song on youtube :

and you'll get the chance to listen 3 more (advance) songs of the album here :

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