Monday, June 27, 2011


A few lines to present this awesome band from Virginia, formerly known as Southern Vein, which released a cool split album ("refuge for the recluse") with LORD last year.I don't know why they changed their name but the previous name perfectly fited their sound, well now this new one sounds cool too ! FIRE FAITHFUL plays some excellent Stoner Metal enriched by quite many southern touches; something extremely heavy and catchy, explosive with very incisive guitars which could remind the dynamic of Alabama Thunderpussy or Solace, while Down, High on Fire, Sabbath or even Goatsnake are certainly other great influences. Vocals by Brandon Malone are clearly metal, but very cohesive with the music, hot, angry, groovy at the same time, a guy that has huge abilities... The band is actually refining its repertory (about 12 songs) before entering the studio for a full lenght album in August, this same month they will take part at the Stoner Hands of Doom XI with TGoS, Earthride, Blood Farmers, Pale Divine, etc... This is not doom like these bands mentioned but F.F. won't break in terms of quality on such an excellent bill and the album will certainly confirm this easily...

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