Saturday, June 11, 2011

STANGALA - Breizhek Stoner -

It's pretty rare to read a biography that allows to dive immediately in the concept/identity of a band; STANGALA's bio is clear, subtle and very attractive :
"The story began in the year of 2007, when 3 modern celtic druids gathered somewhere in the mystical woods of Kemper, France. In order to explore other paths of the space-time continuum and finally reach the land of the korrigans, they used their magical knowledge and begun the preparation of potions with psychedelic powers. Lead under the influence of the great green smoke, rites were inspired by the legacy of the great ancients, such as the mighty Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, or the young Queens Of The Stone Age, but also by more local and traditionnal knowledge, of which Brittany, as a Celtic land, is full. Today, the druids are gathering secretely once again, consuming even more drugs in their cauldrons in order to, eventually, introduce the world to a path towards a whole new dimension..."
Well, the picture is clearly planted and I'm sure the song of the clip below can NOT disappoint anyone who reckon himself in this kind of musical trip. The ep "Lutin Salvia Delirium" is a bit old now, but there's just a few weeks more to wait for the album recorded this winter and called "Boued tousek ha traoù mat all"; to be yet noticed is the addition of cool guests from Huata, Coffin on Tyres and The Bottle Doom Lazy Band, which is for sure going to  (if necessary) enrich this release that will certainly mark deeply the whole french underground musical landscape.

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