Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Formed about one year ago in San Jose (CA) this trio consists in James Sotelo (guit/voc), Danny Reis (drums) and Scott Mc Clung (bass) and has recently recorded an interesting debut demo. "lords of kaos" presents mature musicians who display a very metallic Doom  taking influence in almost all decades that rock n'roll has greatly provided (from Hendrix to High On Fire, not forgetting Black Sabbath, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Trouble or even Danzig for some vocal overtones). The music is globally rich and diversified, it can mix catchy Sabbathian riffs with more sharp headbanging stuff (almost thrashy) within the same song, always keeping power and heaviness as basic ingredients. 3 songs is quite short but I feel very confident for a promising debut album that the guys prepare actively through hard work and many gigs regularly given around the Bay Area...

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