Wednesday, August 31, 2011

female fronted occult stoner-doom from Norway : HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN

Coming from Norway, this trio consisting in Robert (bass), Andreas (drums and lead guitar) and Merethe (vocals, guitar and organ) could be your next occult stoner-doom revelation... The future will confirm it or not, but HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN is just at the dawn of a probably rich history. This is not just another female fronted band among many others, don't think here about Blood Ceremony or Jex Thoth (even if the organ sounds generally like the canadian's), but rather to Acid King for the mesmerized vocals and early Electric Wizard for this blackened heavy and fuzzy approach of stoner doom. The eponymous ep contains two long songs of about 10 minutes which are brilliantly massive and monolithic, ethereal, occult and psychedelic at the same time... Sounds like a delightful programm ?Defintiely YES and I wouldn't be surprised to see this first effort quickly released by a tasteful label... 

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