Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kathy Reeves : a stunning talent behind the videos of PALE DIVINE, EARTHRIDE, PLACE OF SKULLS, etc...

If you're regularly on the net , you probably have viewed at least one of the following videos over the past months, but did you notice that all have a common source of production : Kathy Reeves? 

Kathy has had a little while ago the excellent idea to work on videos production from some of her fave bands and how lucky we are that those include such nice ones as PLACE OF SKULLS, EARTHRIDE, WAR INJUN, IRON MAN, PALE DIVINE, etc...
 Definitely not your kind of usual Doom videos with just the song to listen and a fixed image, neither poor quality Live footage; no, all her works present something very professional, tidily aesthetic, deeply fiting with the band's personnality and the songs moods. I'm convinced that this is just a beginning, the girl has assuredly a talent and ideas that should reveal many other gems in the future !

In order to let Kathy present a bit her fantastic work, I just asked her the following question : 
I wanted to know if it's bands who ask you to work on a video for them or if (at least at the beginning) it came from you as a fan who kindly send them your work?

"Some bands ask me. some bands I suggest we do a video for a certain song because I can already see it in my head. I've recently had to start charging bands just because with the demand for videos high, there leaves little time for a regular job. The "With Vision" video took 40 hours alone. Finding the footage for some videos is hard, some are easy depending on subject matter. I grew up with the start of Mtv, you know, when they actually still had music videos? lol I want to see some of these songs visually that most would never consider a video for. I have a few things lined up now... really excited about them! But don't want to name them yet... would hate to curse a project.
This entire video production part of my life came about quite by accident. A friend of mines band made a video, and I thought that I could do better. So I set out to do just that. haha"

                                                              WAR INJUN "Ghost Dance"

                                                             PALE DIVINE "the Prophet"

" For the Pale Divine video I actually had a crew help me. Spent an entire Saturday filming at my friend Rogers house. haha My model Marlena was awesome! My brother Brad helped keep my vision in tact, and Chris the make-up guy is currently working on a paranormal show for the Discovery channel. That one video was completely the vision I had in my head. I ended up designing one of the latest PD t-shirts also... should have some of them in the mail for me today."

                                                     EARTHRIDE "Hacksaw Eyeball"

                                                            IRON MAN "Ruler of Ruin"

                                                       DAYS OF THE DOOMED 2012

                                                      PLACE OF SKULLS "With Vision" 

 Now GO on the video channel of Kathy where you can find all her productions :


  1. i love u mom, I love your videos! Thanks for the credit ;) i did hold a light and a blow dryer during the Pale Divine shoot. I deserve a pony.... the end :)

  2. love your work! Can't wait to look at more of your videos :) love you

  3. Just like my girls to hijack my page! Love you both... ;)

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