Thursday, August 11, 2011

ENSORCELOR "crucifuge"

After DOPETHRONE, the Montreal's scene can now proudly count on ENSORCELOR which recently released its first album "crucifuge" (on vynil via Media Tree and Psychic Assault). If "dark foil" was a great piece of demonic stoner/doom, these five ENSORCELOR's are more in the blackest fields of doom. Both songs composing the album are very long (14 and 20 minutes), but nothing boring or repetitive at all, the band has a real own identity, mixing  the coldness of black metal, the rawness of sludge and the heaviness of doom.                                                              This is an epic and apocalytpic at the same time world of dark heaviness and crawling despair !!! The ethereal atmospheres sometimes let place to harsh fast and epic black metal parts, sometimes to more melodic and melancholic  parts, still not for the die-hard trad doomsters for sure but a surprisingly homogeneous result that can fairly suit to people who dig above all blackened deep moods somewhere between Cough's 1st   album, Thou, Eibon, Wolves In The Throne Room... 

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