Thursday, September 1, 2011

ATARAXIE : "project X" due to be released 10/01/2011

Some great news about french best funeral doom/death ambassadors :

"project X" is ATARAXIE's 10th anniversary album. Due to be released in just one month through the japaneses Weird Truth Prod., this double album contains re-arranged and re-recorded version of "The Other Path" demo, 2 exclusive tracks and live tracks recorded at "les festins sonores" festival in May 2008 (including a Bethlehem cover).

Here's the trax list :

Disc 1                                                   Disc 2
1.The Other Path                                  1. A jamais
2. My Last Breath                                2. L'Ataraxie (live)
3. Behind the Mask                              3. Walking through the land of Falsity (live)  
4. Eternal Suffering                               4. Anhedonie (live)
5. The Isle of the Dead                         5. Aphel - Die Schwarze Schlange (Bethlehem cover -live-)
6. Unholy Prayer                                  6. Another day of despondency (live)
7. Alone in my Coffin
8. From Agony to Eternity

While waiting for this  attractive programm, here's one of the unreleased song "from agony to eternity", particularly awesome...


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