Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats "Blood Lust" (soon to be released on vynil via Rise Above rds)

Emerging from an (english) acid coven with an oustanding 2nd album named "blood lust", here's the new sensation of the whole underground (proto)doom scene : Uncle Acid & the deadbeats...
Self financed at only 100 copies, this album is simply brilliant and (a few weeks later) already has caught the attention of Rise Above which will soon release a limited vynil edition (certainly before a larger CD edition ?). Potencially, there's for sure a hype coming towards this band but I think this would be well deserved, as their identity is real and cohesive.
To compare with bands that present apparently some same caracters, this trio is musically closer to  The Devil's Blood than to Ghost, with the occultosatanic elements being replaced by an horror movie vibe, they take influences in the 70's from Black Sabbath to Neil Young, Cactus or the Kinks (B.S. being naturally the most prominent...). 
The vintage production fits pretty well with a particularly dark and haunting approach topped by a psychedelic special touch; melody is constantly present too, not just with guitars but also vocally wise.The pace is always removed and heavy;  some riffs are really original, so catchy that you immediately memorize them while beating the rythm with your feet. I don't know if that's just my case but this band has for me a positive  and exciting edge that I've rarely felt before in the doom genres, maybe cause I feel it's actually THE perfect stuff to listen loudly without making at least half of the people running away !!!
Some people have complain about the expensive price of the album after having realized that it was a CDR, sure this can be a bit disappointing for some "fetichists" but the "blood lust" 's content is absolutely flawless, so they'd better complain before about albums that are musically just empty and generic... Anyway I thought that it would be fair to give you Uncle Acid's  own answer about that :
-source "doom forever - forever doomed FORUM"-
"This is yer Uncle Acid..I was pointed in the direction of this thread and just thought I'd clear a few things up. First off...thanks for all the kind words on the album, very much appreciated! Secondly about the CDR thing....As we were only releasing 100 copies to start with, we simply could not afford to get a glass mastered CD pressed and replicated at such low quantities. We were given the advice that anything under 500 copies should be duplicated rather than replicated. We just sent in the master disc and got it duplicated at the factory and it came back on discs that to me resembled CD's. In fact the order sheet even says "GRADE A+ CD". But now I'm told they're technically CD-Rs!! I'm a me it was just a plastic disc with our music on that can play in a cd player. I honestly didn't think there was much difference. I know, so thanks for bringing it up.
We've not had any complaints from anyone so I was not aware of this being an issue for some people... but I've updated the listing on our big cartel page to mention that it's a cdr. We aren't here to screw anyone or mislead people and I hope no one thinks that's the case. And to the guy fae the moment we're not signed to Rise Above, they're just releasing the vinyl for us...something we could never afford to do on our own! Cheers!"

 That being said, one thing is certain : we've got here one of the most surprising effort of the last two or three years and nothing can prevent their ascent... Experience them now !!/pro...

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  1. HiBro!
    Quite interesting to listen to...eventhough, my "culture" is still poor refering this kind of stuff! I've got to learn...
    Enjoy and experience !!!
    Big Jim