Monday, December 12, 2011

"ghouls of the endless night" by BASTARD PRIEST

After a pretty promising debut, with "under the hammer of destruction", released last year by Blood Harvest, here's "ghouls of the endless night", the sophomore album from the infernal swedish duo BASTARD PRIEST, this time released through the almighty PULVERISED Rds from Singapore... A very dedicated and professional label that knows for sure what Brutal Death Metal is all about and has done, like just a few others, a lot during the last 10 years to keep the movement alive and well !!!                                                                                                       The main improvement to underline here concerns the production which is much better, very personnal and massive while being faithful to the sound of the golden early years from 1986 to 1990, I mean this is fucking raw, crude and filthy...
You've certainly yet guessed it, BASTARD PRIEST is a band that perpetuates (brillantly) the legacy of the raw and brutal sound of NIHILIST (did not write ENTOMBED, cause as I pointed it out, this has nothing to do with the formated Sunlight studios sound !) AUTOPSY and  GRAVE, not to forget some flashy hints of old SEPULTURA or SLAUGHTER LORD and some old swedish HC overtones too ; at this time the genres were not so pre-etablished, death metal was just appearing and most of these bands were taking influences as much in Judas Priest or Venom than in Discharge or Anti Cimex !
Don't expect here anything new, that's absolutely not their purpose, but BASTARD PRIEST are not a pale copy at all, just like the godly american ACEPHALIX, they perfectly succeed to establish a caracter of their own, not trying to put out  a new "left hand path" or "into the grave", neither using improperly too much D-beat parts... Sure most tempos are based on chainsaw guitars and pounding drums with wild and sick vocals, but there's a part of morbidity and filthness mixed together that bring a slightly dark and haunting approach and some slower parts are fantastically gloomy reminding inevitably the best moments of AUTOPSY  (just listen to the monumental "poison") !!!
While waiting for another swedish massacre on the same label with the fresly signed BOMBS OF HADES, I strongly recommend this killer album to all fans of early Swedish death metal and Autopsy-like addicts, no regrets guaranteed...



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