Wednesday, December 7, 2011

N.T.R. announce a split ep w/ RISE & SHINE + el CAMINO - covering VENOM !!!

The swedish label NIGHT TRIPPER records announce their next release with the “7 inch of Hell” : a split ep with swedish doomsters el CAMINO and RISE & SHINE, covering Venom as you never heard them before with heavy flowerinfested covers of “In league with Satan” & “7 gates of Hell”!

A little reminder about the previous releases of this great young label :

SOUL MANIFEST – White Season foldoutLP / CD
el CAMINO – The Satanik Magiik LP + poster / CD
OBRERO – Mortui Vivos Docent LP + poster / CD
BURNING SAVIOURS – Förbannelsen 7”

This is not released on this label but I take the opportunity to mention here the great new album of Josabeth's band RISE AND SHINE "empty hand", out on Plug Or Die....

el CAMINO (on FB) +
RISE and SHINE (on FB)  +
NIGHT TRIPPER records     
now just for fun and pleasure, before listening to these certainly surprising versions, here are the originals !!!


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