Friday, December 16, 2011

"the calling depths" by the evilish and ripping LVCIFYRE

Featuring current and ex-members from blackened hordes of ADORIOR, CORPUS CHRISTII (originally from Portugal) and NECROSADIST (originally from Cyprus), this "english" quatuor, based in London and formed in 2007, is about to unleash its first album "the calling dephts" on Pulverised Rds. We've got here very experienced and tightful musicians who fucking know what crushing brutality & blackened extreme heaviness exactly mean...               Where traditional/old school Death Metal revives with vehemence and evil forces for a few years, one must admit that there's a lack of new leaders, in front of the far more popular Modern Death Metal (it's not a lack of potencial though but maybe just a question of times evolution...). Thus MORBID ANGEL and DEICIDE didn't release anything interesting for ages, VADER and quite a bunch of others do the same stuff for 20 years, BEHEMOTH has to face long painful times, etc...
With their very straightforward approach of evilish and brutal Death Metal, LVCIFYRE could become more thant just a new hope; their style takes elements from early MORBID ANGEL and DECIDE with nice well-digested overtones of ANGEL CORPSE + VITAL REMAINS for the Black metal edge and POSSESSED for some slight but remarkable Thrashing power !!!  and... does it sound as exciting as this described mix of influences ? YES !
This debut album, consisting in 8 songs, is a very delightful torrent of horrific fast tempos with harsh crushing vocals, infectious rythmic section, mercilessly ripping riffs,  twisted technical solos à la Trey Azagthoth, blackened blast-beats... Something highly brutal and malevolent at the same time, just letting some little place to rare but well arranged quieter mid-tempos, still expertly crafted in malicious evilness. 
Highlights are certainly "the calling depths", "holy chaos" and "the great fall", but there's honestly a real and impressive homogeneity in the overall quality of the album which make it definitely essential and I'm sure that if they have the chance to get included in a great touring package (where most bands will have to deliver a battle every night for not having their show stolen by this chaotic horde), "the calling dephts" could mark be the beginning of LVCIFYRE reigning supreme. Check this out !

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  1. Roberto 'speed-bag' DuranDecember 21, 2011 at 10:02 PM

    The samples of this fucking band sound destructive and evil and fvck!!! I can only think of Gene Palubicki's bands as being in the same style/league... I can't wait to get this record