Friday, December 2, 2011

new website for EARTHEN GRAVE + 4 songs on streaming from their killer debut album !!!

Thrashy Chicago DOOM metal band featuring virtuoso violinist Rachel Barton Pine and Trouble's Ron Holzner, plus members of Spillage, Stonehenge, Trifog and The Living Fields, announce the creation of a beautiful new website and the completion of their first self titled album due to be released in January.
The album will contain 10 songs, including two covers from PENTAGRAM and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, for a total running time of 62 minutes...
To taste and enjoy the quality and originality of this very professional band, you really should go NOW on this new website or on their Reverbnation page as they are  kindly streaming 4 songs of this killer debut !!!


Earthen Grave 7:54
Life Carries On 5:17
Burning a Sinner (Witchfinder General) 3:13
Blood Drunk 6:24
Dismal Times 6:49
Tilted World 5:41
Beneath a Shovel Load 5:45
Fall In 7:09
Relentless (Pentagram) 3:58
Death on the High Seas 10:31


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