Friday, December 2, 2011

au revoir THE MOSS, now welcome to FELLWOODS !!!

As explained in the interview we did together about two weeks ago, THE MOSS (Portland) has changed its name for FELLWOODS, you can now contact them and follow their actuality here :!/pages/Fellwoods/289206384456824

Here's the mail I've received yesterday from Adam (voc/guit) :

Hi all,

The Moss from Portland, Oregon is changing its name. We have run into too much crossover with other bands using the Moss name, most notably the sludge doom Moss from UK. It’s been an arduous process, but we have chosen Fellwoods as the new name.
We will phase out ‘The Moss’ slowly, with plenty of notice to all concerned parties. Thanks everyone for your support, and we look forward to the future with a new moniker. Look for news about CD and Vinyl releases of our Wulfram album, as well as a whole new batch of songs awaiting recording.
Fellwoods (formerly, The Moss)

just for the pleasure, here's again two songs from the already cultish "wulfram" that will remain the one and only release from THE MOSS :

and for those who missed it, here's certainly the last interview ever answered by THE MOSS :

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  1. Album disponible chez AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE pour une bouchée de pain (9 euros port compris)

    C'est une tuerie !!!! Grand merci à TEMPLE OF PERDITION pour la découverte !