Friday, November 8, 2013

... a little round-up of the french Stoner/Doom actuality !!!

Slowly but surely developing over the few past years, the cauldron of the french Stoner/Doom scene (and related genres, blablabla...) is constantly bubbling  in 2013 and there's good perspectives to come in numerous gigs and recordings... here's a non exhaustive little round-up of what you've maybe missed-up recently and what you can expect in a short future, definitely there'll be never enough said about the french scene, he ! 

Did you check out the new album of ATARAXIE "L'être et la Nausée" ? A true masterpiece of aesthetically harsh and über-somber death/doom ! Next gig scheduled is at From Dusk Till Doom Fest in Belgium with Officium Triste, Marche Funèbre, Ophis, etc...

BARABBAS are refining the composition of their highly anticipated new album which hopefully will see the light of day next spring... The band will be opening next week for Pilgrim and Windhand in Paris, a perfect ultimate round-up to test again new songs like "Judas est une Femme", "le couteau ou l'abime" or "le sabbat dans la cathédrale" before entering the studio.

"Hic Est Domus Diaboli", the new album by CULT OF OCCULT has been released a few months ago now but still get many praise from bloggers and fans; looks like the teaming with Total Rust rds works out great. The band is looking for a date to complete a small Tour in the north of France early December (Paris and Rouen are yet booked).

Released a few weeks ago by STB rds on EP format, DOCTOR DOOM's "Doomo" has been almost instantaneously sold out but is of course still available on Bandcamp... after the arrival of a new drummer, the band's now actively working on its debut Album.

DOMADORA have played Live regularly over the past months to promote their debut album "Tibetan Monk" and I guess that must be something worth to see for this band plays explosive psyched-out Heavy Rock... I'll get the occasion to enjoy this in Rennes next December 06th, a great line-up with the almighty Brain Pyramid recently presented here... a few days before the trio will be opening in Paris for Monkey 3 -

EIBON's "II" is a beasty masterpiece of Blackened Sludge, immensely fierce and intense; too bad the band seems to be in a lethargic state and didn't defend this album on live conditions since its release, not really a good sign... but still this new album is an essential purchase !

FUZZ BLOWER is the name of a very special all-stars project including Rodolphe Beuchet from Barabbas (voc), Chris from Huata (guit), Pierre François ex-Atolah (bass) and Carl Borman from Dopethrone (drums)... watch out for the future works from this amazing team !!!

Opening for Samsara Blues Experiment in Brussels this month and for Monkey 3 in Nantes a few days later, the long experimented Psychedelic Stoner Rock band GLOWSUN will be playing with Stonebirds next December 06th in Lorient for the 2nd gig organized by L'Amicale du Fuzz -

After celebrating Samhain in Paris with Year of No Light, HUATA continue working on their new album, don't forget their split album with dutch drone hammer Bitcho ;)

LIBIDO FUZZ is the new (retro) 70's Heavy Rock sensation you gotta watch out for !!!  coming from Bordeaux, the band freshly released its debut EP through Pink Tank rds and toured in Spain and Portugal - surfing on the wave, the guys blend classic rock beats with bluesy fuzzed out riffage of the highest order.

MARBLE CHARIOT have recorded a new song ("Darkness Descends") this summer to be included on a split EP with the mighty Northwinds. Watch out for this great collaboration and a forthcoming full-length in 2014...

After a recent tour on the South American continent and the recording of their new album there in Brasil, MARS RED SKY are about to take the road again and tour Europe this time (Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Finland, etc...) a 2nd part is already planed for January/February with more dates in Spain  and Greece, not forgetting Hellfest next june... watch out for all dates on their fb page ! After their amazing "Be My Guide" EP released in April, their new album should be one of the highlights of 2014, their regular ascencion seems unstoppable.


"Les Sacrifiiés" is the title of new MOURNING DAWN's offering, the Black/Doom Metal band comes back after 4 long years of silence and it'll be released within a few weeks still on Total Rust rds, under the form of a double album, the album coming .

Hopefully, NORTHWINDS "Eternal Winter", the 2nd part of "winter" initially composed and recorded as a double-lp, should come out imminently on Black Widow rds... probably an essential purchase to add on your Best of -list of 2013 at the last minute ;)

REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER follow a pretty incredible ascending trajectory, after Hellfest this summer and quite many other dates in France, the Post Black/Sludge band will open in Januray in Paris and Nantes for Kylesa and most importantly play at next  Roadburn... impressive !

SILVER MACHINE is a new band blending Heavy Rock from the  70's with early 80's Metal, you know those legends that puted you into the cauldron like Rainbow, Priest, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Sabbath, Pentagram... the recently recorded demo/EP is at press and should be worth investing on for those who like their guitars melodic, warm and heavy -

The young parisian trio SON OF ZARDOZ just came back with 2 new songs on their bandcamp, showing more thickness in the guitar sound and confidence in the vocal dept; S.o.Z. is one of the rare bands of our beloved genres actually singing in French  and this great improvement over their 1st ep gives serious expectations for their next effort...

Sadly, the legendary Tos - guitarist from THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND left the band last month and the horizon is darkened :( not that suddenly in fact, after the previous departure of other foundator  guitarist last year -nicely substitued, but...) - It would be such a high deception not to see the 3rd album recorded (was planed for this period), as good as it is the band can definitely not end on the split with Void Moon


From Montpellier VERDUN will be hitting Switzerland (Genève and Zurich) and Austria (Innsbruck) at the end of this month, ending this small tour of 4 dates in Strasbourg - Then it'll be soon time start the recording of  their 1st full length following the successful "The Cosmic Escape of Admiral Masuka" EP.

After their "Interzone" in 2012 and  a split album with southern Sludge band A Very Old Ghost Beyond the Farm early htis year, WHEELFALL made this summer their very special "Live Studio Sessions" ! 


Playing in Paris last week-end with Huata was certainly great, but playing the day after at Damnation Festival in UK with Carcass, Cult of Luna, Katatonia, Serpent Venom , etc... must have made it memorable for YEAR OF NO LIGHT whose new album (the 3rd full length)  is called "Tocsin" and due to be out on November 20th on Debemur Morti Prod, expect here a massive amount of bleak drone tones and pounding heaviness;


Following their 2011 sophomore album "Son of a Witch", Stoner band from the Ardennes ZOMBIE KING have been recently working on a new 4 Track EP.


  1. Excellent tour d'horizon de notre scène du fuzz!
    Un petit Coffin on Tyres et Hangman's Chair n'auraient pas dépareillés!