Wednesday, November 27, 2013

...a vile summoning: SERVANTS OF THE MIST 'Suicide Death Pact' (Album review)

That's almost a pure coïncidence again (well, ok , I could have posted this one tomorrow or the day after!), but -  after a review on the nice female Doom band Mist yesterday (by Brendan Butler), let me now present you SERVANTS OF THE MIST !!! as you may already imagine, we're not exactly speaking about the same genre of Doom and even if those 5 guys from Tampa can be occasionally nicely well-dressed (see video below), they are by far more malevolent than the slovenian ladies ! 

If SERVANTS OF THE MIST' sound encompasses all the facets of raw Doom power, the quintet is rather another new mammoth from this definitely very HEAVY southern state; probably the rawest and most venomous at more than a few hundred miles around (yet the local environment includes ripping bands like Shroud Eater and Hollow Leg), clearly more on the modern genre of funeral Sludge/Doom than the mentioned comparses.

All along the 3 songs included, ruthlessly, the band utililizes that typical monolithic guitar tone with ridiculous amounts of fuzz and distortion, supported by abominable growls and screeching vocals. Swamps certainly aren't far, but the moods set place to a cold and dark world of  horror and torture, this is harsh and makes makes no doubt to put them instantly in the Top of the most earth-shatteringly heavy bands of the world ! 
The more the affair goes on, the more triumphant and crawling the tempos are, including in the closing title song some sort of invocated words that make the mood turn into a kind of voodoo damnation... This obscure ritualistic touch is enhanced by the fingers of lead guitarist on solos of songs 2 & 3 which are immensely throbbing and in the last minutes draining all that accumulated aching sorrow in hallucinated dementia... just fucking great ! 

Seemingly soaked in hopelessness, this 30 minutes malignant manifesto encapsulates a tasty turmoil of all the negative sides of human emotion (pain, hate, despair, frustration) as if the band decided the world had to know their suffering ! Ultimately, innovation rests with the blend of styles itself rather than in any original take on the basic elements,  but the servants are of those who understood that there's countless ways to kill someone by the jugular...Self-released on December 10th, 'Suicide Sex Pact' has everything to become a classic in terms of experience, while looking forward for a full length album (the sooner the better, sometimes the other life doesn't wait too long to take you to it)...

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