Sunday, November 17, 2013

... WEEDPECKER 's/t" (Album Review)

Pure coincidence or not (the polish scene contains more and more great bands!), after Palm Desert, here's another band coming from Poland with WEEDPECKER... Even if it has the merit to be easily memorizable and can eventually tie a little smile on your doomed face, forget about the thoughtlessness of the band's name because there's much to concentrate on with their stunning Heavy psyched-out Stoner Rock !

Where their most prominent influences (probably Elder, Colour Haze, with a pinch of Wo Fat for some tasty fat grooves...) may have found their real own sound and audience after two or three albums, Weedpecker come from almost nowhere with this 1st album whilst revealing instantaneously a striking maturity, a true own identity and vision... I don't know if this will meet the audience it deserves but this a worthy discover really.

From the opening "Berenjena Pipe" to the closer "Weedfields", all the inside 40 minutes are marked with an heavy and melodic seal crossing the path of the best classic Stoner Metal and mindblowing Psychedelia; and again I insist on the fact to not think about the cliches surrounding the band's image (name, title songs...)  - sure, weed obviously seems to stimulate their creativity and that's great but believe me the cliches stop there, nothing to do with your usual weed-(whatever)subgenre served at so many streets corners of the globe... 

Without any retro-take feeling, the quatuor from Warsaw has polished up a crystal clear heavy sound with an ever-evolving mix of soaring melodies and sonic soundscapes chuggin' away with propulsive radiance. 

Instrumental songs like "Don't Trust your Elephant" and "Kraken" are including pretty memorable dynamics and inspiring directions; first one is a long melodic and hazy journey with reverbed guitars that puts you in cosmic territories, while the second is more crushing and has drawn out progression which pushes the band into thicker sounds, metallic and just enough dissonant to remind you that this is an all-out Heavy affair we're speaking about here ! 

There's definitely no filler, "Sativa Landscapes" is another song that doesn't lack of earth-shaterring intensity, just a few vocals in its beginning which judging by their minor presence all along the album - makes  think that the band may have been instrumental first during some time (?), it's not a real regret even they're powerful, passionate and intense, no rasp or growl, just some kind of traditional Metal singing with a somber melancholic edge taking to grunge heroes ! As rare as they can be, they're fitting well with this heavy instrumental backing ! 

Not just heavy, melodic and twisted too, the music of Weedpecker is rich and intense, although not blowing up blatantly in overstretched jams which all in all makes this album a refreshing and captivating discover that I highly recommend !

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