Thursday, November 28, 2013

...a necessary moving : CARNE "Ville Morgue" (Album Review)

After releasing their debut EP “Metropolis” on Atropine Records in 2010, CARNE recently returned - this time via Solar Flare rds - with their first full-length album “Ville Morgue” which sees the brutish duo from Lyon (France) affirming themselves as one of our most promising acts regarding all kind of heavy and tortured sounds ... 
A duo ? yes, indeed, Carne consists in two tormented minds on guit/vocals and drums who blend in an uncompromisingly way sludgy HC mid-tempos and Noise Rock - refering to some of the filthiest US sounds of the 90's (think about Unsane and Buzz-oven); add to this, cold and dark reminiscences of post-industrial stuff who put the band definitely in this century and you've got now a better idea of what to expect from this winding assault !

Angry, heavy, grinding, sluggish, yet always catchy, most of the songs include accurate tempo-changes within. For example 'Crown of Porns" or 'Chien Noir' basically move along in a sludgy, abrasive pace with Carne delivering nasty, slow-burning riffs and pounding drums, and can turn quite suddenly into something savagely up-beated ... and vice-versa for other tunes as 'We are the Romanoes' or '1000 Beers' who see the duo sliding into a full hammering of intense riffs and furious hooks with an impressive menacing snarl in the vocal delivery, possibly deviating at one point to something more dark and tortured...  

But in fact, where CARNE bleakly excels and in my opinion stands out of the masses is "in between" the extremes -, where the disturbance reach peaks of anger and mesmerizing heaviness with an enhanced place for fragility and dementia... The 3rd song 'Fear Trade' has that chaotic vibe, insidious and unsettling but 'Slave/Her' is undoubtedly the highlight of the album with 'Ville Morgue', streching themselves across a full alienation spectrum. Vocals sound here more neurotic, still titanic the tone is more tensed and oppressive, until a piercing riffage accompanies demented  guest vocals by Marion (Overmars, Abronzius), a song that cuts right through you. The closing title track ('Ville Morgue' - amazing and aptly choosen name !) starts on a furious blasting tempo, angry and noisy, even if just clocking at five minutes, it's quickly asphyxiating you with a maelstrom of vicious noise - full of reverb, dissonance and sickness. 

Does this solid release mark a deliverance from what could be read as the story of an uncontrolled rising mental alienation ? hopefully not, those guys are just at the dawn of a promised productive carreer, from the EP period they've yet refined their powerful collision of noise and Sludge but have more to explore, more souls to torment and devour... time will prove it I'm sure and for you french fags I'll end this one easily with something like : d'eux on ne dira jamais...'Carne'(?)(:) 'assez' !!! -  désolé ;)  

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