Monday, November 4, 2013

... SPIRAL SHADES 'Hypnosis Sessions' (Demo Review)

We have to get used to it from now on, there'll be more and more virtual cooperation between lonely wanderers of the net who find through social networks  alter-ego(s), for bringing life to their craziest and/or most ambitious projects !!! Spiral Shades is the juicy representation of a Trad' Doom unholy child between Filip Petersen (guit/Bass) from Norway and Khushal R. Bhadra (vocals) from India, an incredible cooperation by two rough diamonds to the glory of the sabbathian legacy... an unexpected feast of ominous riffage with exceptionnal vocals !!!

In opposite to many Black Sabbath worshipping bands coming out lately, Spiral Shades doesn't sound improperly too retro,  there's rather a metallic tone which gives a different dynamic to this yet traditional bluesy Doom and if Khushal vocals amazingly remind a young Ozzy, always melodic and holding high the notes, he is capable of bleak lamentations as well as a few rare loud and yelled tones - bringing him close the global excellence of Lord Chritus ! believe me this is a terribly exciting programm of a bit more than 50 minutes, where the cohesiveness is bluffing beyond expectations and even the drums programing a digestible detail. 

If the basis are classical, the music shines with plenty of powerful grooves, lush soloing (but control is always tightly maintained), crushing atmopsheres amongst tone-weight of fuzzy heaviness (the aptly named 'Grim Rituals' for example or the mesmerizing 'Wizardry', the sinister 'the Slowing Deep') and a few additional epic overtones which put in mind Pagan Altar or early Skyclad for an extra pinch of overwhelming power.

There must have been a long long assimilation of Filip's works to get out such a substantial vocal power in the delivery, I would be curious to read the lyrics of those 9 songs, the harmony of the overall is so well-crafted that it borders on pure wizardry ! 

One can not predict if one day this collaboration could become real in Live conditions, it would be awesome for sure. well,as for now, this would be criminal not to see this marvellous piece of Trad' Doom released on any physical format... Hopefully the story is just at its beginning and if this 1st chapter is a demo, then it's simply THE doomo of the decade !!!  

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