Tuesday, March 5, 2013

... LOTHORIAN "Welldweller" (album review)

Lothorian are a five piece sludge/doom band from Belgium (founded 2011).  “Welldweller” is their full length debut album (Feb. 2013).  It consists of six songs with a playing time of about 30 minutes.
 BEWARE!!! This album is out to kill you! Like an evil seducer it intoxicates you, it charms your pants off with filthy doom riffs and slow, heavy, fuzzy sludge.

The opener “Witchhunt” is a promise of sweet heavy riffs that are hard to resist, while the following title track “Welldweller” is an evil combination of slaying heaviness that cracks up your skull, and hypnotizing repetitive parts with groovy rhythms that take hold of your brain like a creepy sludge demon.
The next track “Atmosphere” lifts off a bit (just a bit) of the heaviness with chant-like vocals and a spacey psychedelic touch in its sound. It lulls you into a sense of security, but you know it’s much too late to escape the relentless destruction of “Doomsday Calling”. “Cult” and “Shallow Ground” just finish you off, squish and spread you onto the ground. But instead of calling someone to scrape you off it, you hit the play button once more.
You will probably realize this time that you are listening to a couple of well written sludge/doom songs with a dense structure, a thick creepy menacing atmosphere with a nice hard-core feel to it and tons of breathtaking riffs.
What a sweet way to get killed!

words by Ulla Roschat