Friday, August 26, 2011

new Dave Sherman's project WEED IS WEED : where the green grass grows...

I don't know if SPIRIT CARAVAN will finally reunite or not, but as for now there's still very  good news to share about ex-members Dave Sherman (actually in Earthride) and drummer Gary Isom (actually in Nitroseed) who have formed a new band, along with 4 other experimented guys, which they have amazingly named WEED IS WEED !!!  
Listen to both songs below (from the demo, which contains another song called "low to no") freshly posted on youtube, where you can also find live stuff, especially from their recent performance at SHoD XI... This is absolutely AWESOME stuff !!!


  1. sweet! WeedisWeed!!! thanks for using those videos!!! <^::^>

  2. Prophet says ,
    Remember this house with no walls .