Monday, November 7, 2011

great news from EMANES METAL with a Tribute to KING DIAMOND in the works + lp releases of HOODED PRIEST & NOMAD SON !!!

Great news from the french label EMANES METAL RECORDS :

  * At Least the LP version of HOODED PRIEST "Devil Worship Reckoning" has been finally released on September 23, it has great artwork with posters and insert but mostly is a twisted hard'n'heavy grandiose spectacle of Doom !!!

also out now : NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" Gatefold LP (METAL031)

Epic Doom Metal from Malta,second album.
Co release METAL ON METAL / EmanesMETAL records.
price is 16 euros

SOON TO BE OUT (November):

RéSISTANCE "A Tale Of Decadence" Gatefold LP (METAL022)
At least the vinyl version of this masterpiece!
Co release EmanesMETAL rec/ UNDER SIEGE rec

Out before end 2011 :
ARMAGEDDON "Necromantic Celebrations" CD (METAL029)
SERPENT SAINTS "All Things Metal" CD (METAL030)

SANCTUAIRE "L'Empreinte De Lucifer" CD
WOLF'S GANG "Apocalypse" CD
CHILDREN OF DOOM "Doom,Be Doomed Ör Fuck Off" CD
STORMHUNTER "Crime And Punishment" CD

Note that we are proud to annouce that the STORMHUNTER CD is out now on Spiritual Beast rec (JP) as a license from Emanes for these territories (Japan,China,Thailand,Hong Kong,Corea ect...)...ver! y few copies in our web shop.

* At least a deadline is now scheduled for this great, only vinyl, project. RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 2012 "Come To The Sabbath (A Dangerous Meeting)" compilation lp

Yes ! We did ! This was one of our amazing idea, our tribute to pay on one of the most important metal band : Mercyful Fate & King Diamond too !

Here's the tracklisting :
LORD (Fra): Black Funeral TBC
RéSISTANCE (Fra): The Uninvited Guest
HOODED PRIEST (NL/Bel): Curse Of The Pharaohs
HÜRLEMENT (Fra): Devil Eyes
LONEWOLF (Fra): Eye Of The Witch
THRUSTOR (USA): Doomed By The Living Dead
RISING DUST (Fra): (track tba)TBC
HEATHENDOM (Gre): Welcome Home
MANZER (Fra): Come To The Sabbath
GANG (Fra): Return Of The Vampire
ARMAGEDDON (FRA) "A Dangerous Meeting" TBC

* Finally there's some new metal stuff to listen to on their believeaband page :

For all metal fans, you can listen to new tracks from SERPENT SAINTS ' coming album : "All Things Metal" !!!!

You can also download one song of each band from their catalog (this is also the home of godly bands like  THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND, DARK COVENANT and CHILDREN OF DOOM !!!) , you just have to jump into the Pro space :

login is : emanes
and password is : releases

Small but 300% dedicated label, EMANES METAL Rds must be more than ever supported !!!

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  1. All the EMANES METAL releases i seen have had amazing artwork and great productions