Monday, November 14, 2011

Signed on Profound Lore rds, EVOKEN and OCCULTATION presently entering the studio

The two latest bands to join the label, namely EVOKEN and OCCULTATION, have been/are entering the studio this week to lay down what will serve as their next full-length albums that shall engulf the light spring 2012.

It has been agreed upon that PROFOUND LORE rds will be releasing the next full-length album from legendary doom metal behemoth EVOKEN. One of the pinnacle and most influential bands that have helped set the standard for colossal atmospheric funeral-esque death/doom metal, EVOKEN have carefully crafted, over the last year, what could very well be their ultimate glorious moment within their illustrious repertoire. The band's follow-up to 2007's "A Caress Of The Void" will be their fifth and most significant full-length album to date.
First three dates booked for the studio were November 11/12/13.

OCCULTATION are a bizarre entity of pure psychedelic cinematic cathedral-like horror metal from Brooklyn, NY that incorporate such sounds culled from '70s prog, cult horror soundtrack, classic '80s dark rock, and classic metal respectively to create eerie and surreal dirge-like rituals that can only conjure the stuff that nightmares are made of. OCCULTATION features NEGATIVE PLANE guitarist Nameless Void amongst their ranks, and those familiar with one of the most important bands in black metal today will feel the familiarity with the cloth that OCCULTATION don. Earlier this year, the band released the excellent  "Somber Dawn" 7" on Withces Tone and will see their debut album released in North America (Invictus Productions is the European conspirator) likewise spring 2012."

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