Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"signs of Osiris" : THE masterpiece by LORD VICAR

Despite the programmed loss of two mammoths of Doom like CATHEDRAL and CANDLEMASS, there's no worries to have concerning the future of classic doom with new leaders like THE GATES OF SLUMBER, THE WOUNDED KINGS  and on the top of the list LORD VICAR... Obviously, for various reasons, they'll surely never become as popular but the quality is here (which is obviously the most essential) and we'll soon have to count also on newcomers like PALLBEARER, PILGRIM, STONE MAGNUM and a few others, not forgetting some long awaited new albums from ORODRUIN or BLOOD FARMERS within the next months...
Back to our brilliant finnish quartet, LORD VICAR has unleashed here an outstanding sophomore album with "signs of Osiris"... Where "fear no pain" was yet surely not an hesitant or impersonal debut as often new bands can offer, this new album  is as much characterized by maturity, than ambition and even audacity.
The style of the band didn't change much, still being deeply rooted in the crushing classic doom field, Kimi and his comrades have essentially pushed the atmospheres further with the development of longer instrumental parts, including a slight retro/psychedelic feeling and some audacious solos from Jussi and Gareth (the majestuous "child witness") who represent maybe the most original and effective rythmic section of the actual classic doom scene.
Then, what about Kimi and Chritus ? the qualities of both don't need anymore proof for a long time,  but they're not the kind of guys that rest on their laurels and offer the same soup every time !!!
Kimi has yet several classics behind him but he reached a peak with "signs of Osiris", in terms of technic and moods; tragical and progressive are now adjectives that are as important as powerful, crushing and heavy to underline the band's own identity... Chritus (ex St Vitus, Count Raven and Terra Firma... if someone still needs to know his pedigree !) is more than ever an ispired wizard, and I don't give a fuck if he sounds like a young Ozzy or an unshaven Dan Fondelius, his voice is just perfectly intense, harmonious and beautiful !
I have maybe a preference for the exceptionnal sequence of the 2 first songs ("sign of Osiris slain" and "the answer") which is yet something very impressive to start the album, but this "child witness" composed of three distinct parts confirm the band's exceptionnal sense of aesthetic heaviness and power, then "between the blue temple and the north tower" has turned my guts with its tragical riffing and vocals, then.... Well, no need to draw it longer, EACH song is essential and as catchy as the cover is beautiful and mystical ! So do yourself a favour, buy this album as soon as possible, this will be with no doubt your best Christmas present ;)
Until a few days ago I was still thinking  that "the wretch" would be my fave album of the year, but "signs of Osiris" arrived and (even if I'm not yet definitive)  it has pretty much challenged my opinion...
 Anyway one thing is sure CHURCH WITHIN is THE Doom label n°1 this year !!!

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  1. I think its a modern day masterpiece if youre into True Doom