Friday, November 25, 2011

upcoming releases from SEPULCHRAL VOICE rds, THE home of European underground Ripping DEATH METAL !!!

In terms of DEATH METAL, I'm maybe not as much informed and updated as I was some long years ago, when the movement was at its peak in the early 90's, but I actually know one thing : SEPULCHRAL VOICE records is certainly THE best EUROPEAN label concerning quality underground true/back to the roots DEATH METAL...
Judge by yourselves with the list of bands they've released or are soon going to release : GRAVE MIASMA, NECROS CHRISTOS, EXCORIATE, VENENUM, DEGIAL, CHARON, INVIDIOUS, HELLSPAWN.... !!!! who else could globally deliver such great ripping and evilly brutal stuff ?
I had already presented you VENENUM a while ago, you have now to know that their album will be soon released, just as  CHARON "Sulphur Seraph" (debut album) and DEGIAL (s/t debut album)...
On November 30th will be released the split ep CHARON / HATESPAWN, not to forget the INVIDIOUS ep released on tape format and finally NECROS CHRISTOS "triune impurity rites" double vynil version to be repressed ! 

HATESPAWN (germany)
song from the split album with Dead Congregation

INVIDIOUS (sweden)
song from the ep 2011 "in death"

DEGIAL (Sweden)
song from demo

and now let's have a little reminder on the oldest bands from the label :

                                                          GRAVE MIASMA (uk)
                                             song from the mini album "exalted emanation"

                                                        NECROS CHRISTOS (germany)
                                            songs from the album "doom of the occvlt"

                                                           EXCORIATE (germany)
                                               song from the album "on pestilent winds"

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