Monday, November 7, 2011

"Little Things" new ep by HOOKA HEY

"Little Things", new EP from HOOKA HEY, heavy power blues band from Paris, is digitally available right now on iTunes.

Expect here some top notch Heavy blues, folk music and power-rock with intense riffs, Hooka Hey sounds like a mix between 70's and 90's with a contemporary production by Yarol Poupaud.

Three songs ("hush me", "little things" and "bad mama") between Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and The White Stripes announcing a new full length album (their 2nd) scheduled for 2012.

HOOKA HEY has a real personnality, this is not traditionnal Stoner, nor just 70's bluesy Rock or Grunge... a blend of all this put together without any metal overtones !

Vocals by Hugo Parrish (also on guitars and founder of the band) are impressive, not the kind of average french accent singing type that we too often have to deplore here, it seems like if english was his mother tongue, this is just perfect with lots of hot rockin' vibes and charism !!! Musically this is very tightly played, the riff on "hush me" is pretty thick and groovy, while "little things" sounds amazingly bluesy and "bad mama" comes straight from the hellish 70's...

In waiting for this upcoming recording, Hooka Hey has also released not only one but two music videos for their single "Hush me" on youtube and Vimeo; have a look on both, this is really very professional work !!!

Fans of The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Them Crooked Vultures... should check this out blindly and other open-minded people who enjoy energetic and catchy but refined music should try to give them an attentive listen.


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