Thursday, November 17, 2011

"swan songs of the coyote" by JUNE DEVILLE (available via free download)

It's obvious that the vast majority of my musical tastes revolve around what is slow, dark, grimy, epic but sometimes I feel a devilish pleasure to listen to something more bright, simple and uncluttered, while remaining a minimum raw and groovy and I've got to thank warmly the french "Domino Media Agency" to provide me great stuff that often range in that vein (just remember the nice HOOKAY HEY recently...).
JUNE DEVILLE comes from Lausanne in Switzerland and has already released an album early last year; from what I've quickly heard about this debut, I can say that this sophomore album (released on Hungry Ghosts prod) follows a logical evolution, being just more mature and homogeneous in the overall quality of the songs.
This young trio has had the great idea to take inspirations in the rockin' 90's with the likes of Q.O.S.T.A., ALICE IN CHAINS, PANTERA, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, KYUSS and even PRIMUS... not forgetting a little fueled southern touch ! This generally doesn't sound too much "Anselmo's metal", which is the reproach I could have sometimes to give to this kind of band that mix grunge/stoner and metal from the late 90's, even if the tempo is pretty powerful; in fact the main character to underline is the extremly refined groove that shows, very clearly and in an amazing way, very tight musicianship (especially with an awesome rythmic section).
Vocals by James War are great too, perfectly harmonious; never too clean, never too aggressive. His performance is more than just honest and reach highlights in great songs like "swords and lines", "jackals of campassion" and the outstanding "forbidden song I" which is a masterpiece of 70's southern rock that teleports you in a moist atmosphere full of smoke, whiskey and with certainly wandering coyottes around !!!
Sure there's one or two songs, too quiet and melodic (some call that "ballads"),  that just don't bring anything special to my opinion, but if that wasn't the case, this wouldn't be a Doom blog here but rather a Grunge/Stoner one... I'm a metalheadfucker, so don't ask me too much ;)
All in all, JUNE DEVILLE present here a very interesting piece of 90's rock which can easily appeal to many people who like energic and refined stuff, that  remind a not  so far but different period with an undisguised pleasure... This is downloadable for free, but if you wanna give a few € or buy a physical copy, this will be certainly more than welcome and above all well deserved for them !

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  1. Hi Steph !!

    Thanks for the review !

    Just a little rectification, I'm not singing on the Forbidden Song I, II and III. We have several guest vocalists on this album (Forbiden Songs, Jackals and Clouds), all coming from other local bands (Kruger, Abraham, ShutupAntoine, Connection).

    Another thing, Swan Songs Of Coyote is ONLY available digitaly... No physical copies (yet). On the other hand, our first album can be ordered on our website :

    thanks again, take care !
    James War