Sunday, June 2, 2013

... TEMPLE OF VOID "Demo MMXIII" (review)

"Temple of Void is an unholy new band from the depths of Detroit and from all corners of the universe. ToV plays doom metal. ToV plays death metal. Temple of Void controls worlds. And then crushes them."

Featuring current and ex-members of Acid Witch, Hellmouth and Borrowed Time, this 5 piece outfit presents here an excellent DEMO containing 3 songs of Death/Doom, leaning more on the death side of things - which is nice when played with atmopshere and not just brutality... And, is that the presence of an ex-Acid Witch member or not (?), but there's several nice introductions of scary samples here who really bring something special, along with a great sense of infectious melodies.

Pretty classical in its form and execution (at least in the two first songs "Beyond the Ultimate" and "Examinate Gaze") - there's a clear feeling that the british school left a mark here, but not too old-school sounding, neither really modern, the sound of ToV can at times remind Hooded Menace through hauting atmospheres with sharp and melodic riffage, at others- in its straigth mid paced crushingness, dutch warmasters Hail Of Bullets when they are in mode "imminent-battle" !!! 

Think those are two exciting comparisons and anyway I'm convinced that ToV will definitely digest their influences in the future, the musicianship speaks for this and remember this is just a demo... Vocals are raw and oppressive but nothing like inhuman growls ;) they fit well with the relentless approach and massive sound of the overall.

The epic tone is accentuated by a more tensed and aggressive first part in the excellent "Bargain in Death", the highlight of this awesome demo and longest song with 10:36 of dramatic intensity, turning progressively slow and infectious in the 2nd part with a  totally psyched-out soloing dementia... waouh, this is a bit surprising in this ferocious context but a nice open door to more exciting sounds from Temple Of Void in the future !!!

This much recommended Demo MMXIII is available on CD/TAPE or as a name your price download...

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