Saturday, June 8, 2013

... ANOTHER END "Whispers from..." (EP review)

It's been quite some time since I didn't post on a great new french band, but here's a new one that really caught my attention : ANOTHER  END - formed 1 year and a half ago in Chalon sur Saône, a town like so many others where you can not even just attach anymore a wellknown name of manufacture industry, nor a football team or anything else...  It's not the North with its bad weather and high unemployment but its empty and inspires almost nothing, except maybe dark and heavy sounds ! But who gives a fuck after all if a band comes from Paris or Chalon, Nice, Caro (where I live) or even the asshole of  la Creuse ? it shouldn't make any difference to any potencial fan, hu !

The guys - Zak (vocals), Seb (guitars), Batch (bass) and Boy (drums) -  describe their music as Post Metal, where honestly I could cite many other bands not as heavy and brutal who claim to play Sludge... That's already somewhat a proof of perceptiveness because indeed there's a great proportion of progressive soundscapes, just enough melodic and never too prevailing over heaviness, thanx also to angry evil vocals !!! Sure this is not as thick and brutal as sludge is meant to be but believe me A.E. is damn heavy and at times harshly punishing too :)

In any cases Post Metal doesn't mean here too many syruppy melodic flourishes and lame to vaguely gnarly screams , but rather heavy and growing atmospheres relying on various levels of intensity, pain and hauntingess.
The lyrical thematic of a tormend  man's soul relating  father's all kind of abuses on him - and the forceful vocals ensueing from this, are  enhancing the different soundscapes filled with lots of strong and agonizing feelings like decay, revenge, hope and destruction...

Knowing this, just to read the song titles is awakening senses and curiosity : "the end", "the past", "the light" and "the others", plus there's a great balance in this harmony with the average length of the songs too (from 6 to 9 minutes).  ANOTHER END has yet found a great part of its own identity, to the point that named influences like Russian Circles, Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Dirge or Omega Massif, are almost all forgotten after listening this brillant debut... More is uggerly expected evil men !

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