Friday, June 7, 2013

... LOVIJATAR – Hämärän Kulkija (Album Review)

I’m totally bewitched. Okay, witches are supposed to do that and Lovijatar is an evil witch of the Finnish mythology. The Lovijatar that bewitched me though, is a five piece band from Helsinki/Finland and is relatively young, since the band was founded 2010.

With “Hämärän Kulkija” they now (2013) present their debut album.“Hämärän Kulkija” means something like “Twilight Wanderer” and this title represents the spirit of the album in various aspects.

The lyrics are inspired by the old mythical poetry “Kalevala” and the music by the melodies of ancient dirges that describe events of transition or the passage from one condition of life to another or stepping into a new world like a “Hämärän Kulkija”.

And so Lovijatar (the band, not the witch) created a passageway between the old Finnish myths and melodies and today’s life by blending and merging folklore inspired tunes with heavy riffs.

The opening track “Louhen Lahjat” is well chosen to introduce the album, beginning with an a capella chorus that goes right into a heavy doom riff and a beautiful melody. The lyrics are in Finnish and although I don’t understand a word not even once throughout the entire album the thought occurs to me they should be in English - quite the contrary, the sound of the Finnish language just belongs to it and adds to its consistency. All six songs are of this unique and unusual combination that is (thankfully) far away from the accustomed battle and drinking hymns of Pagan/Folk Metal. Instead Lovijatar create a truly bewitching and enchanting atmosphere that evokes feelings of being rooted and connected to the ancient times, in the sense of these old times affecting our actual life, rather than being transported back in time.

I can’t even put my finger on what it is exactly that makes the album so bewitching and enjoyable. This will probably remain the witch’s secret.

words by Ulla Roschat


Fresh news from their FB page "We are very happy to announce that Lovijatar has signed a record deal with Secret Entertainment! First single Vainovalkea will be released with a video at 24.7.2013. Full length album will be release in Finland 6.9.2013. International release date will be announced later on..."

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