Wednesday, June 12, 2013

... SHROUD EATER "Dead Ends" (EP review)

As announced a few months ago, The Path Less Traveled Records are about to release "Dead Ends" the new 5 track-EP of Miami based power-trio SHROUD EATER... Impressions left, here, after discovering the song "Tempest" are nicely confirmed : the progression in sound (extremely massive) and identity is huge !

If you put aside "Cannibals" which is a malignant introduction of 2 minutes with tribal drumming from Felipe and haunting horror-like vocal samples, all 4 other songs last from 5 to 7 minutes and let place to more refined and moody structures than on previous stuff.

There's not a special song capturing this more than others, it is very cohesive, the band seems to have powered a sustained vision of its sound, like this "Dead Ends" is just the prelude to a rewarding sophomore album.

This "Tempest" remains for me logically the best tune here with its stomping tone and those excellent vocals, Jean and . Janette unison singing is very captivating - enhancing the noise-rock elements with charm and bitterness... 

But SHROUD EATER demonstrates a range of emotions and structures in many ways; for example, "Sudden Plague" starts with an ominous slow-building part, it soon concisely verses in a furious and blasting up-tempo that is almost eyeing on Thrash rythmically speaking, this one certainly generates some serious riot in live conditions !

With "Lord of the Sword" and "The Star and the Serpent", Jean Saiz has composed two slightly different songs,  more bending on haunting and soaring psychedelia while maintaining a high level of intensity; angry dissonance wearing away progressively for some mesmerizing soundscapes, her solos are hazy and melodic, envelopping you in  a kind of hallucinatory grace and this is just brilliant ! Drums prominently accompany those moments with marks of percussion world-music and this adds depth and intensity.

Definitely obvious comparisons with High on Fire, Kylesa or early Mastodon have been accurately erased, I think that Jean and her buddies have crafted here something louder and much darker too!!! maybe you'd better imagine a southern beast boozed with some Dark Castle and an adrenalized Undersmile, then you wouldn't be too far what Shroud Eater have achieved here. Shit, just 28 minutes is incredibly too short... do yourself a favour, check this out and hopefully we shouldn't have to wait too long for  next effort.

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