Thursday, July 18, 2013

... BottleBen on DOCTOR DOOM "DoomO" !!!

I checked it out. I love Graveyard as well as Witchcraft. Doctor Doom is right down that alley. Not Doom though and I definitely wouldn’t use  the term “stoner” either. What we are dealing with here is hard rock that originates from legends – hard rock from the late 1960’s, without the dirty and occult threads that fashion has been imposing on this very genre lately.
I close my eyes, I sip my glass of red wine…just like in a comic strip speech-bubble from the 1970s with its twisted black and white characters. A true color vision vortex of rugs, a slightly orange atmosphere at the end of a hot and humid summer day. Boots in the dust. All in all, 1965 to 1975 in the form of a dream. I checked it out.
words by BottleBen

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