Monday, July 15, 2013

... a ceremony to the 5th dimension : HEAVY TEMPLE "Unholy communion" (Demo)

I wouldn't say that each band names that include the word  Temple potentially interest me, but if there's the adjective Heavy added to it, then it seems more than obvious that something interesting may  lie behind such great name...
HEAVY TEMPLE come from Philadelphia and is a very special trio formed by

High Priestess Nighthawk - Vocal power and bass 
High Priest Rattlesnake -6 string
High Priest Bearadactyl - Skinwalker

Unholy Communion is the only song that their first demo includes but what a song !!! Lasting 13 minutes with a large palet of ambiances and an immediate bewitching atmosphere. The disciples will find this piece of art not just heavy, fuzzy and occasionally groovy  but also highly mesmerizing and mystical... The ceremonial mood suggested by the band's name is over expectations retranscribed in terms of sound by an impressive craft on an  ambient occult psychedelia, growing progressively throughout the song. 
Listen this with headphones, pretty high in smoke in preference,and you will necessarily feel in total harmony with strange forces rising from obscure territories that your imagination let progress in total trust towards something unknown but pure - thanx to those amazing shamanic sound effects (great use of theremin) and incantatory odes !!!!

I feel through this song an earthy mysticism which -  doubled by this insidious and haunting pyschedelia - will gather fans of Saturnalia Temple, High Priest of Saturn and Wardruna !!! I'm not saying that Heavy Temple sound like any of those bands who all have a different and unique sound but I think there's  something common between all of them  in  some very obscure and transcendental moods,  and H.T. catches that same forceful vibe...

Tangible sign of a bright destiny, the band gave its first gig this last winter at the Eye of the Stoned Goat 2 in Delaware - a killer line-up with a bunch of amazing bands like Pale Divine, Iron Man, Beelzefuzz, Clamfight, Wasted Theory, etc... 

Drummer Bearadactyl (also in Clamfight)  left the band last month after a last gig with Double Planet and Beelzefuzz, have a look on a video track of this gig below, it presents another song called "Ursa Machina" with a pretty good live sound ! Slightly different from unholy communion, considering the very organic tone of this one, I'd say  this live song is a bit more traditionally psyched-out but another brillant proof of this band's high potential, and fuck it's impressive how heavy and hypnotical too H.T.can be on stage ! 

I'm sure they are definitely preparing something huge as next and first complete recording but you've got to know that meanwhile this demo will be released on TAPE sometime this summer, just as a video from "Ursa Machina" should be released shortly... This tape will be something special to get, considering that HEAVY TEMPLE should quickly become a huge name in the scene !!! 

European bookers and/or bands who'd like to share the stage with this awesome and original entity also have to know that H.T. seriously work on a European Tour for spring/summer 2014 ... come in the Temple, they're good people !


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