Thursday, July 11, 2013

... in death, darkness and doom : UNCOFFINED "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites"

UNCOFFINED is an infernal quatuor from Durham (England) which is about to release its debut album "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites"  via the rising spanish label Memento Mori (also the home of Solothus recently reviewed here)... Well, in fact this 6 songs debut (including a Revelation cover which I'm really curious about!) will be released in October but there's actually a couple of songs available on the net as appetizer  and it's damn so fucking killer that I felt obliged to share this with you maniacs  !!!

Have you ever imagined what a bastard child of AUTOPSY, CANDLEMASS and HELLHAMMER, born at the altar of US DOOM - would have looked like ?!!? 
Then listen to this song and you'll draw the outlines of this strange beast more concretely and (economical crisis or not) adopt it immediately !!! 

UNCOFINNED is consisting in : Kat Shevil (Drums of Doom, Morbid Incantations and Unholy Invocations). G. Hall (6 String Coffinshaking, Gory Sugden (4 String Grave Upheaval), Jonny Rot (6 String Lead Dirge)...  and describe accurately their style as : "A morbid dark doomed musical entity influenced by old school doom-death metal, traditional doom metal, nihilistic, misanthropic sludge, old overgrown stinking graveyards that reek of death, old Hammer Horror/low budget Horror/ Zombie movies, the occult, clandestine satanic rituals, etc.." 

Nothing new apparently but that's not their purpose to be innovative, this sounds pretty much old-school but everything flows genuinely and this is a damn exciting programm ! Also, one thing you've got to know is that those people are no newcomers in the realm of the underground UK scene of the last 20 years, having been members of Blessed Realm, Morstice and currently Winds of Genocide !!!

Thanx to Kat I've had the luck to get to hear two other songs "Blasphemous Execration of Holy Ground" (listen it here at Soggy Bog !) and "Night of the Witch Childe" (an unmastered version of this one is also available on youtube); definitely is this great mid-paced horrific DOOM/DEATH ! immensely heavy, they are even more sinister than the title song of the album, but there's still some typical EPIC Doom riffage à la Candlemass (not that obvious in "Night of..." though) mixed with some unholy and filthy vocals, a sick hauntingness too always prevails which makes the overall very very crushing and infectious...

It's been a long time since I heard so deeply terrifying vocals in such doomy context, sure they are brutally slaying but in no case undistinctly growled like often in this kind of deathed-up doom, I dig them really.

I'll be back on UNCOFINNED later this summer through an interview with Kat which is as evil and doomed here as she is daily a nice and extremely dedicated person to the scene...
Meanwile, you gotta familiarize with this amazing DOOM METAL OF DEATH and spread the word about this "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites" !!!


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