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Here is the second part of Cthulhu Doom Quiz! Let me remind you questions which were asked to the bands:

1. What is the band’s state at the moment? What kind of sinister affairs you plan to perform for summer and on?
2. How did listeners and critics meet your last album?
3. What does stimulate you to play that kind of music against all difficulties? A thirst for glory? An itch for countless treasures? Obsession? Government?!
4. How does your vision of Lovecraftian revelations differ from vision of other bands of that kind? Do you consider it as original? Can you name bands which Cthulhian dreams you like too?
5. What is your greatest achievement in the sphere of Elder Gods cults?
6. What will you do (or rather where will you run?!) when Elder Gods awake?

If you missed it, click here for Part 1 ... 

Today our quests are extraordinary Aarni, morose Astral Sleep, avant-garde and geometrical Cthulhu Rise, unholy Evangelist, raw and angry Grimpen Mire, plutonic Innzmouth, honorable Lord Vicar, inexhaustible Realmbuilder, gloomy and solemn Tortured Spirit and cryptic Y'ha-nthlei.

AARNI (Finland)
Master Warjomaa (all instruments and vocals)

1. Aarni currently feels TV- and radioactive; and not forgetting the Net, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. Things get done slowly but unsteadily...too much free time and entertainment at our hands. Yet the work on 'Lovecraftian' and other releases too continues. The summer so far has proven too hot for any kind of intelligent (or otherwise)
undertakings, but we must try. Try or be tried as the Bad Book says.

2.  The album in question would be the split CD with Persistence In Mourning and everybody loved it. At least secretly, because it may not always be wise to confess such things publicly. That may also explain why so few people actually bought the album from us...that's right, you damaged minds reading this drivel should contact us for your copy, ASAP! Your continued existence as space-time larvae depends on it.

3. Sheer perversity, obesity and general unhappiness with an easy life. Mental problems and their solutions, too.

4. My vision differs from others' by being mine, to put it diplomatically. I am not sure if that makes it orginal, although I certainly hope so. I would hate it if there's more "mes" in the world and they haven't contacted me. Maybe that's for the best, maybe I would learn that I am just a clone. In such a case I would have no option but to start making commercial music. You know, all this trendy metal subgenre shit going around nowadays.
I can name one band here whose take on Cthulhoid matters I like: 'Cthulhu Rise' from Ukraine.

5. Preventing the return of Jesus disguised as a pangalactic love-shoggoth, whose very form exists not in the universe as we know (and love) it, but outside of it, in the small infuriating spaces between the li(n)es you cannot and must not recall from your sweet/sour dreams, which of course became reality in various, mostly embarrassing ways back in the spring of '78.

6. I shall actually get an Aarni album finished. With a little help from my so-called friends.

Markus Heinonen (vocals, guitars)

1. Currently we have been on a hiatus almost 2 years now. We are planning to do a pilgrimage to the deep woods and center of wildlife later this summer. We will seek inspiration and hopefully find the right themes for the next album. We are planning on recording the 3. album next year and also do something special because of our 10-years anniversary. Before that we are on a break. 
2. Mostly with high acclaims, some liked to criticise it more, some less. “Visions got lots of almost full points in reviews and "album of the month" nominations, and listeners have liked it also.

3. Obsession, or more likely possession! An artist must create music, spit out the evils and open up the spiritual knots within his soul in order to be complete as a person. And the music that we create comes from within, and we cannot alter the way we perform our songs. When the song that has been haunting in my head is made into a recording with success, it is the best kind of glory and treasure there is to be found.

4. Unlike most Lovecraftian bands, we don't take lyrical themes from his work and don't use references to it. But I have always made music that has very similar atmosphere to the works of Lovecraft. Some of his works have inspired me to do that, some have influenced in more subconscious level. I consider the concept of Astral Sleep very original.
My favourite Lovecraft-inspired bands that pop into mind this instant are: Colosseum, Thergothon and Aarni. This is not that Lovecraftian as many others but it is one of our best works so far, so I will choose "Towers", from our latest album "Visions".

5. In Astral Sleep we believe, that the spirituality of our music and the slow and heavy tempos have been affecting the slumber of the Great Old Ones bringing them a bit closer to the moment of awakening. 

6. Why should we run? I am not sure what I will exactly. I might be too scared to do anything. I just hope I can return into the bosom of Ubbo-Sathla. 



1. We’ve got a new bass player recently, so we will probably make only two shows this summer. However, we are recording our second LP, which will be 9 tracks of devastating Cthulhu prayers.

2. There is not that much demand in Ukraine for such sort of music, but still we have a couple of people who enjoy it, and even a couple of freaks who bought our CD “42” :) However, we’ve got some reviews ranging from “inconsistent bullshit” to “world spiraling towards a white hot centre” (we can mention, and “Fireworks” magazine from UK, “iO Pages” magazine from Netherlands, and from Germany). It was fun to read those :)

3. We used to play in various much more straightforward bands before, but at some stage it became boring. We started to put this band together in 2007 with not so much vision or concept, but with enough courage to make it happen (despite it did not seem to fit anything). By end of 2009 we stopped doing any vocal music, because we did not see any prospects. Challenging ourselves musically was always the best motivation for us.

4. Mr. Lovecraft is more interesting for his horror ideas than for literary interpretations he made of them. Maybe this is why he is not as famous for his compositions as E. A. Poe or S. King, but his very idea of the Deep Ones is much more live now than children of the corn for example. For us Cthulhu is more about internet meme eating your brains, so all of our tracks are “Lovecraftian” in that sence :) “Cthulhu Rise” should be read as imperative, but there is no pathos about it. It is more a joke for us, so we would not claim for any “originality” or “specific approach” :)

5. Probably the fact that we still do what we do. If They did not like it, They would stop us :)

6. We will play for them.


1. Well, we're gathering our strength to perform first live masses later this year, plus maybe we will find some time to work on new songs.

2. Reception is mixed, which is good, but looks like majority of opinions is positive. We know that new album is much less "user-friendly" than "In Partibus Infidelium", that was his mission - to sift weekend metalheads from true worshippers of DOOM!

3. Desire to wallow in chicks and mayonnaise! Come on, Comrade, playing that kind of music is like Via Dolorosa, we just pray for the end, but we must endure it for the good of metal...

4. I cannot answer first question precisely, we just do it the way we feel it, others probably use the same strategy. We would never consider ourselves revolutionists in the area of lovecraftology, we are humble acolytes of the Master! As for other bands: Manilla Road, Nile, Reverend Bizarre, Ironsword and Bal-Sagoth.

5. Our greatest achievement in the sphere of Elder Gods cults is that we’re still staying alive!

6. No need to run, all resistance is futile... Embrace their majesty and join their joyous holocaust!


Ian Davis (drums)

1. The bands state is very healthy at the moment, we've been picked up by Future Noise who we will be working with for the foreseeable future. We have a few things in the pipeline, first up will be a split album with Bastard Of The Skies, we recorded our 4 tracks of filth earlier this year in very cold, grim and wintery conditions.
There is also talk of Death On The Moor being re-released as well but this is very much in the early stages.

2. Very well, “A Plague Upon Your Houses” got panned by one critic but overall the feedback has been superb the world over. I've had loads of emails from fans that have said very kind and humbling things about it.

3. I would have to say obsession out of any of those, we just love to play live and see the whole thing as a release. We really challenge ourselves with our songwriting at times as well, I just love the whole process of creating something from nothing.

4.  I've no idea to be honest, we do write about subjects that will have been touched on a million times before so I doubt that there is much originality is left nowadays where songwriting is concerned. I just know Paul (the vocalist) just tries to paint a decent image with his lyric writing, at the end of the day we're 3 blokes from the West Midlands.

5. Finally getting recognized by a decent record label and having some awesome people to work with!

6. We will run to Grimpen Mire most likely! :)


Reverend John Hex (guitars)

1. Currently Innzmouth is conjuring & manifesting music for a new album, so we will be spending a good part of the summer/fall recording. Awakening creatures from a deep slumber takes time, and is a very slow and careful process, we will ensure each tentacle, each hook is hungry. Also a very special limited release will be announced soon.

2. Our last album “Lovecraft's Dreams” people were very receptive to it, I was surprised how it got around online, plenty of good reviews, but there were a few reviews that pointed different things we as a band could improve on, but at the same time they praised us for putting out a good album. Overall we were very pleased with the great response we got from our release especially since we don't really promote the band heavily.

3. A true passion for music & horror stimulates me to create the kind of music we do. The music I create I do out of the sheer love for of it, I have no thirst for glory if I did I would be playing something popular just to make money and get automatic fans, but that is not me, that is safe and manufactured, music/art is supposed to be raw, dangerous, thought provoking, and challenging to not only us but the listener. The true treasure in all of this is to have a fan thank us for what we have done, if Innzmouth can create a song that a person really enjoys, that is the true treasure.

4. As a musician I never really set out to listen to other bands paying homage to H.P. Lovecraft, if I was into a band it was based on their music. This is good as I have not been influenced with what has already been done, so in that aspect it is good as I have no boundaries, I do not feel confined in what we are creating. As a musician/artist my main objective has always been horror and doing what I can to create a tapestry of darkness for the listener. Since I have been in Innzmouth naturally I have come across other bands that are doing Lovecraft music, but it is for the listener to truly decide if we come across original sounding, I will say we are a unique band that has exotic influences and believe it helps give us our own sound.

5. I would have to say my greatest achievement in the sphere of Elder Gods Cults is that I am a vessel for them, through me I help spread their horrific darkness through music/song. We cannot begin to fathom what awaits beyond, what we do not know, what we cannot see, what we have unlearned from the Old Ones. I am a foot soldier for them and do what I can to help continue laying foundation for future artists to build upon.

6. When the Elder Gods awake I will run to my guitar and turn my Marshall Amp up to full volume to greet them with the loudest ugliest chords/riffs with maliciously macabre intentions until my final moments, my final breath.


LORD VICAR (Finland)
Kimi Karki (guitars )

1. We are slowly preparing to record our third full length album GATES OF FLESH, right now we aim to hit the studio in early 2014. Our drummer Gareth works in Kuwait, which makes gigs and especially rehearsing a bit tricky to arrange.
We will play at Stoned From the Underground festival in Germany in mid-July. Some other gigs and perhaps even a tour are planned for the Autumn.

2. The response for “Signs Of Osiris” was amazing, I think 95% of the actual reviews were totally positive, 9 or 10/10, four or five stars. And the direct feedback from the listeners has followed along those lines as well. Thank you, everyone, it truly makes it all worth doing!!!
3. I love heavy music, I love riffs, the intensity of doom and heavy metal! I also love lush acoustic passages, and try to incorporate different dynamics within the music. This love for music drives me forward, it is an obsession...

4. I am not thinking about other bands that much, but rather what fits into the vision about our own music. Having said that, perhaps Manilla Road deserves a mention. I am not very interested in the question of originality either, I don't change our riffs because of possible similarities. Having said this, I am against direct copying of already written music.

Here's a link to 'Pillars Under Water', which was obviously very much influenced by the feel of the works of H.P.L., for example 'Dagon', 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth', and 'The Temple':

5. Perhaps the take on fertility rites in the song 'Sign of Osiris Risen'. Powerful and very real ideas.

6. To the top of the mountain, to sit and watch them dance and destroy.
Yogge-Sothothe Neblod Zin!

Czar (vocals, drums) and J.H.Halberd (guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals)

1. Czar: We have just finished our new album, Blue Flame Cavalry, which we expect to be released by I Hate Records later this year.

2. Czar: Most of the responses to “Fortification of the Pale Architect” were positive.  People who liked the first album enjoyed the second one more and some people who were critical of the first album enjoyed the follow up release.                             

3. Czar: JH Halberd and I are longtime metalheads and we create the kind of heavy metal music that we want to hear.                                                    

4. Czar: As a songwriter (and author of the horror western novel Wraiths of the Broken Land), I am influenced by the palpable mood and dread of H.P. Lovecraft's work.  And his manner of indirect storytelling is masterful.  I adore the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and the works of several of his peers and predecessors, like Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen and my favorite short story author ever, Clark Ashton Smith.                                                        

JHH: Czar is a brilliantly creative writer and lyricist.  Though he would rarely be called modest, I think he is in relation to his work as a lyricist.  His work shows his awareness of great writers like the ones he has mentioned, but Czar is always original.  I first read his writing in junior high school (at age 14) and I remember being astonished by the atmospheric quality to his writing even then.                                                                                              

5. Czar: I'll let the Elder Gods decide that one.                                            
JHH: It's "The Stars Disappeared from the Sky When We Uncovered the Bones of the First Gods." (Unfortunately there’s no this brilliant song on YouTube, please check I Hate Records bandcamp link below, - Aleks)                           

6. What will you do (or rather where will you run?!) when Elder Gods awake?
Czar: JH Halberd and I will probably enjoy some beer as the Elder Gods topple the bloated homes of the many weak manmade gods that infest this planet..


1. Hey. Thanks for your interest in Tortured Spirit. At the moment, the band is slowing down the pace not only in the music but with the music as well. Life tought us a few lessons but we are still there, lurking in the shadows, haunting the sub-basements and brooding some more wicked tunes. 

2. Critics where mainly good, most guys that listened were more pleased with “Arkham Sanitarium” than with the first one, us included. 

3. That one is tough to answer. It is definatly not the hope for glory, not the strife for big money. Government did not encourage us either. But we do not care. The urge to do what we like, to produce something that we think is missing. I know I could not do without this band.

4. I have no clue actually. I think I like a bit of the old band H.P. Lovecraft. Weird stuff. A few Doom Metal bands like Electric Wizard, Argus or The Gates Of Slumber and Lord Vicar. The only thing that migth be considered more original compared to these guys, is that we did not do onyl a few songs but a whole concept album based on the Mythos. Both with a lyrical and a music theme. Most people did not realize that. Check out this live video with the band, that is now back to being a trio, with a rare gig with our former second guitarist. The first two songs are from the Akrham Sanitarium Album.

5. I would say the way it conviced people that it might not be real, but just fantasy. People are not prepared.

6. Why should we run? I am not sure what I will exactly. I might be too scared to do anything. I just hope I can return into the bosom of Ubbo-Sathla;



1. Now was released on CD with the label Russian Satanarsa Record, now we are writing two new songs.

2. We did not believe that the album she liked it so much, we sent five copies of which three in America, one in London to Robert Mura of the Urna, and one in Ukraine for a review, Russian label has published 200 copies of the CD “Vol.1: The Night Opens on the Brink of the Abyss” that 20 has given us.

3. We play funeral doom metal with passion, we like to play and we do not do this for profit but only for passion.

4. It's not that original, but we consider ourselves not personal abbbiamo a band from which prendimo inspiration, I find it very charming Lovecraft because I think is a genius who created the fantasy genre with his horror stories then is a very mystical and mysterious.

5. I think it's Nyrlatothep and Azatoth the two largest and most powerful creatures of Lovecraft.

6. I do not know how to answer this question

KOLOSS (Ukraine)
Eugene (all instruments)

1. Hi! State of the band? We always are in one state - writing new music! Plans? By the end of this summer we planned to do final chords to write new material. Our new material will be more aggressive and harder, but, oddly enough, more and more melodic... Also we plan to release our own T-shirts.

2. I'll tell you the truth I do not know what the critics are telling, and if they say anything there about us at all. But listeners took our stuff quite positive. In this case, I judge only by the letters received.

3. Lovecraft's works have always stirred my imagination, creativity and dedication of KOLOSS to Mythos was a matter of time ... In addition, our style, funeral death doom, is ideal for this.

4. It's hard to say ... Band is on the topics of Lovecraft lot, unfortunately no more than one or two songs on the album ... Of course, there are those who devote their creativity to it, but there’s not a lot of such bands. Even fewer groups that adhere to the immediate mythological lines laid directly writer. Many great bands, it's hard to stand out, someone one, I can only mention FUNGOID STREAM, Argentine funeral doom the project. His work on me impressed.

5. The existence of our group KOLOSS, this is a significant sacrifice for the Elder Gods!

6. When the gods wake up, there's nothing we can do. Yet nothing will happen because everything is different ...

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