Wednesday, July 31, 2013

... NZ Sludge Terror : MOSQUITO CONTROL "Destroyed Beyond Redemption"

After Stone Angels and Shallow Grave featured in these pages some time ago, here's now MOSQUITO CONTROL, another recommendable band from New Zealand  !!! This duo from Auckland has recently released its debut album "Destroyed Beyond Redemption" via Mordgrimm rds, a label from UK reknown to release great stuff (Primitive Man, Balam, Lychgate, Huata...) and this one makes no exception - that's already said ! 

The influences mentioned speak for themselves : Burning Witch, Khanate, St Vitus (basically the most prominent for the misery drenched fuzziness), Noothgrush, Winter and Thergothon... A killer blend of Sludge, Doom and Funeral stuff, extremely slow, dirty and loud with a certain emphasis on a kind of eerie post-apocalyptic nothingness , just fed by avenging forces ! 

The production is raw and the mix full of distortion - like the guys certainly expected it to sound. "Coda" reflects this perfectly, this is the longest piece of the album (14 mns) deliberately meant to aggress your ears and senses; sinister and torturous, it starts in a kind of Winter-ish weird dirge, progressively gains in intense insanity, to end in a wall of noise and distortion, suffocating as rarely - with guarenteed effect to turn a bunch of wimps off ! 

Half plodding and ominous, half punishing and hammering,  the tone is rough and vicious, with excruciatingly filthy vocals... Lyrically and identity wise, MOSQUITO CONTROL succeed here in creating some of the sickest atmospheres outside a weedy, horror or evil  context (at least apparently) which is cool and (dare I say) fresh, just harsh reality with slow pace and doomed terror shall remain ! No doubt, this "Destroyed Beyond Redemption" is one of the best surprises of 2013 in the crudest SLUDGE departments, get your copy before it's too late...

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