Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Progressive DOOM like you've never heard before with BEELZEFUZZ

Save the welcome Roadburn days, for a few weeks, I'm personally living very rough times, there's a smell of death surrounding me that is very hard to stand, so I hope you'll understand the fact that T.O.P. activities are a bit slowed down, especially on the Interviews front... 
Things should come back in order little by little but these days I'm not able to write something consistent. I also know that after all those posts to gain little by little more attention, it would be a  pitty to loose a great part of the audience with a total inactivity; people can sometimes forget you so quickly...
If  there's now a band to present you immediately, there's not a second to hesitate, this is BEELZEFUZZ ;  they're so fuckin original, playing some Progressive Melodic DOOM like you've assuredly never heard before... I just asked Purg Kirby (bass) to present me his band the most simply, completely and concisely  possible, which I think he did brillantly below; for the rest, let the music speaks and believe me they've got incredible arguments ! Consider this as an introduction to the magic sound of this band, while an interview will follow this summer when the album is released... As for now enjoy their masterpiece of a demo and if you have the luck to live on the East Coast, have a look on the live dates announced :

"BEELZEFUZZ formed in 2009 with dana ortt, pug Kirby, and rick jenkins. We recorded a demo in late 2010. You can get a free download of the demo here on the Bland Hand Records site: http://www.againstnature.us/BH/Beelzefuzz/index.htm 

BEELZEFUZZ started playing shows New Years Eve 2011.
darin mccloskey (Pale Divine, Falcon, Crowned in Earth) joined us in the summer of 2011. We have been really fortunate to have played shows with: Earthride, Valkyrie, Iron Man, Internal Void, War Injun, Black Cowgirl, Clamfight, Windhand, jucifer, Pagan Wolf Ritual, Hollenlarm, Blackhand, Molasses Barge, Niche, Trifecta, Kingsnake, to date (4/22/12). 

We are playing with Weedeater,Cough,ASG this Thursday (4/26/12). We are also playing with Admiral Browning, Clamfight, Pagan Wolf Ritual, Blackhand, May 4th, 2012. We will be playing Days of the Doomed Fest II June 15th-17th 2012 in Wisconsin. We will also be playing Stoner Hand of Doom XII August 31st - September 3rd in Connecticut.

We hail from North East, MD USA.

We are currently working on a full length album. We will hopefully have it mixed and mastered in the next few months. Our logo design was done by BrianTutlo. We have t-shirts (sm,med.,lg,xl,xxl,xxxl), Stash boxes, stickers and free demos for now.... We have no label support. There is also a fan page BEELZELOVER on Facebook, started by Jaki Cunha and Deanna Potter. We are very grateful to have such an awesome crew of support".
Thanks Steph!!!!


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  1. Very awesome band...looking forward to seeing them at DOTD!