Wednesday, May 15, 2013

... IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS : Exclusive Infos and Cover of NEW Album revealed !!!

Finally here we get some good and concrete news about one of T.o.P.'s truest followers most anticipated Albums of 2013 :-) I'm speaking about the sophomore Album of Denver's crushing masters IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS !!!

After their awesome debut, Grant and Joseph got back in the studio earlier this year and are now about to unleash their new effort... Let's read what Grant (Guit/voc) has yet to say about it :

"The album title is "of the flock" and we'll be self-releasing it. We were approached by a couple of independent labels, but they didn't really offer us anything we weren't already doing in-house. Some of the song titles are still being finalized, but the ones that are done for sure are "Craven", "Of the Flock" and "Blood from Stone". There are an additional 3 tracks on the record, two of which are instrumental intros, and the 3rd is an 8 minute dirge in drop G tuning. We still need to find a name for that one."

Here's the front-cover :

Grant adds about this : "There's going to be a lot more to the packaging than this as well. We're having black envelopes made with another design on them, and these will contain the actual record. I'm also getting a custom signet ring made with the ITCOS sigil on it, and we'll be using that to create wax seals to close these envelopes."

Finally, here's a short teaser, enjoy !!!


No need to say I'll come back more in depth on ITCOS as soon as I get this venomous masterpiece in hands ... meanwhile don't forget their infectious debut (one of  last year's best albums) and amazing T-shirt  still available through Bandcamp.


  1. Cool Band, amateurish quality cover art for all the work it seems you're doing.

  2. One of the best Doom bands out ther at the moment! Love their low-fi style too.