Friday, January 20, 2012

they HATE you, but you'd better LOVE them : an interview with CULT OF OCCULT

CULT OF OCCULT  is a name that has been spreaded like a wildfire those last two months on the net... Well deserved, when listening to their 5 songs ep full of  top-notch infectious Blackened Doom/sludge, but also as the result of an efficient (self) promotion and an agressive and misanthropic image, that fits particularly well with their music and concept...
After the longest answers ever given in an interview published on T.O.P. recently with VJ, here's now the shortest with Johnny Kingdoom !!! Not uninteresting at all  and definitely a band to support !

You came up recently with an ep and a name which quickly attracted attention  but ultimately we do not know much about your history, line-up, background, etc ... Could you please tell us more about you ?
Raised in HELL.

Was the name of CULT OF OCCULT  chosen regrading a real taste for everything related to the occult, or rather by taste for provocation and causeit sounds amazing? Are you aware that the name gives immediately a "capital sympathy" to the band and how could you explain it?
We are NOT the sons of GOD.

"Bring us hell, booze and hate forever" .... is that  your motto ? originally there was maybe "weed" also in the magic formula, but the Interior Ministry censored it ?!
More into the drinking stuff...

Communication and promotion are more and more important in this internet era, you're particularly efficient on that point, being more present in 3 months than some in five years, with  Bandcamp / Soundcloud / FB pages, many features in great foreign blogs and radio programms ... you're also very present on Fb posting on numerous group pages and so on...
We must feed the buzz permanently, places are rare and expensive...

Generally everyone got what he deserves, but are you conscious that there's a bit of jealousy here and there from the french Doom scene towards you (as I said there's a great exposure on your name, you 're gdoig to open for THE WOUNDED KINGS in Paris, etc...) ?
FUCK you all .

"We hate you, love us" ... Is this provocative edge, a natural  part of your caracters or rather a catchy and "agressive" way to communicate?
That's how we rule.

The lyrics of  "walking in the desert" have nothing to do with Stoner as some might believe (!) but is somewhat misanthropic, am I wrong if I consider this a recurrent character in your lyrics ?
The world is  shit.

Sincerely, what do you think of the  French Doom scene ? Do you feel that it moves a little bit more lately? Which band(s) would you feel closest to?  Maybe ven more than a classic doom band, do you feel that your style kind of immediately predestines you to abroad?
We will go where someone want us to play.

Within the next days you'll be playing  with CARNE in Lyon, will there be other songs than the five from the ep included in the set? Could you talk a bit about new songs please ?
Yeah, of course we've got other songs in reserve. All I can say is that it's gonna be even more extreme.

So you have finally found a second date in Paris right after the gig with TWK in March  ? Other gigs planed ?
Yes we'll play at the "cantines de Belleville" with ARAFAT and DAT.
On live sets, you play hooded and masked, just as you turn your back on the photo of the ep... can you explain why ? From which of these bands  would you feel the closestr SLIPKNOT, HOODED MENACE or PORTAL?
We don't give a shit about that and it gets people talking.
Yours tyle is described as Blackened Sludge/Doom in the vein of DOPETHRONE and WEEDEATER; is that ok for you ? Looking at your liked pages on FB, among many Doom ones, I haven't seen .that many Sludge bands.. any explanation about that ?
We're honoured by such comparisons, but we're not obliged to listen DOOM or /SLUDGE when we play that kind of stuff.

When is the ep due to be released exactly on Throne rds ? As soon as you'll have the product in hands, will you be going to look for a bigger deal or did you maybe sign for more than an ep with that Spanish label ?
We expect a release date for early February, 100 copies printed; some merch will follow shortly.
 Originally we did'nt want to press  that ep, just wanted to put it as a free download but that spanish label contacted us, we're very flattered and honoured it turned out this way.

Thanx, anything to add I may have forgotten ?