Wednesday, September 21, 2011

an interview with Bob from the SOGGY BOG radioshow

Sure, BANDS are the most essential actors of the scene, if they weren't there, we would simply not be here everyday to speak about them and internet would loose at least for myself 95% of its interest !!! That's a fact ... But some important actors of the scene, who aren't enough praised for their major support, are radioshow programmers; among many podcasts, the SOGGY BOG is one of the most awesome show, very informative and updated.
Bob is an expert totally dedicated and supportive to the doom/stoner/sludge genres. I thought it could be interesting to let him speak about his activities and believe me this passionate guy has lots of interesting stuff to tell about with a refreshing and communicative enthusiasm !!!

- Could you please present yourself and tell us about your previous experiences in radioshow and other activities related to underground metal ?
Greetings and thanks for the interview! Before the Soggy Bog I used to be part of an internet radio show called The Conte and Kenny Show. Basically I was a producer/3rd of 4th mic. The show was pretty much a "comedy/talk" format but I always tried to get metal somehow involved. I set up interviews with Gene Hoglan, Away, Jeff Olsen and Niklas Kvarforth and Maniac( together both on the same show). I left the show because i started doing my own Podcast called Ye Olde Metal Shoppe (basically old school metal). Dave Ingram (Metal Breakfast Radio) and Grammie Dee (The Autopsy Report) were my inspirations to do a metal show. Its what I knew best. Then I started a few other shows Blood Eagle (Viking folk Pagan Metal), Stygian Passage (Dark Ambient, funeral doom,). Then came Soggy Bog. It just felt like it was perfect fit for me. Ive ALWAYS loved the heavy riff.

- When did you start the "Soggy Bog" show ? How did the opportunity come to (finally) do it ? Which material resources do you have ?
I started Soggy Bog in April of 2010. Or was it May? I had the time so I just gave it a go. Im glad I did. Regarding resources i use Garage band on my Mac. At first i was using my inboard mic but now ive upgraded to a broken piece of shit mic :)

- How do you prepare a programm ? which keywords do you always keep in mind ?
First I try and come up with an idea that may be a bit different for an internet show/podcast. Thats why I like to collaborate with musicians. I think people are more interested in what Theo Mindell from Orchid, Nick from Serpent Venom or Phil Swanson from Seamount might like to listen to. Those guys are part of fantastic bands. Me, Im just a schlep.

- You did a few collaborations with for example Jason from TGoS or Lasse from Hooded Menace putting out their own playlist, except time's constraint do you give the guest a few guidelines ? Who are some of the next guests planed ?
Besides time, nope not really. No guidelines. I tell the guys that my show is doom stoner sludge and then they get it. But i really dont care what they pick. Just whatever they dig is cool by me. I ask them because I respect them. I do have some guests planned, but i like to keep that hush hush :)

- You did recently an interview with HANK 3 , how did you enjoy this first one ? I know you did another one with The Wounded Kings, so is that something you want to develop or would that remain rather exceptionnal ?
Interviewing Hank3 was amazing but felt like a deer in the headlights. It was my first interview ever for Soggy Bog and I was a nervous wreck. But i think it turned out alright. I received a lot of positive feedback about that show. Yes i recently interview Steve Mills from The Wounded Kings. I was much more relaxed. Hes a very nice guy and I think we hit it off as well. Id love to share a beverage with that guy some time. His new album In the Chapel of the Black Hand is an amazing piece of music. Im very happy for him. I would like to do interviews every other week or so. I want to keep the show in a constant state of flux. Always changing never stagnating. Im not afraid of making mistakes. If theres one thing ive mastered in life, its making mistakes.

- There's more and more podcasts flourishing, I suppose that like in anything there's good and bad ones, do you recognize yourself in any other one in particular ? With the internet era, doing a radioshow is something completely different now, how do you see this evolution ? do you feel there's a competition with some other podcasts ?

There are a lot of great podcasts out there. One of my favorites is Crestfallen hosted by Kev( . Hes been around the metal doom scene for years. He is a bearded mongrel of the doom. Regarding competition, nah I dont do this for competition. I just push my self to try and do a better show.

- You did this summer a special show "bands of the union vs bands of the confederacy", did you get any special feedback about that idea ? Any other idea(s) about other special competition like this ?
I did ask some friends what they thought of the idea. They all thought it was cool. I didnt want to ruffle anyones feathers ya know. Here in America people are becoming more and more pussified. I received a lot of good feedback about that show as well. I was very happy with it. I do have some more ideas for shows but i like to keep that stuff to myself until its ready to go.

- Your programm often includes very fresh new stuff, how do you manage to get so many promos almost before Ed Barnard ?!!!!
Bands and label have been sending me a lot of stuff lately. I guess as Soggy Bog grows people might be thinking it a good source for promotion. Ed is a master at what he does. is my fave doom site to visit. And the is great as well.

- How do you feel about the development of your programm ? is it something you particularly wonder about ? You also have another radioshow for dark/gothic stuff, is it also becoming a kind of institution in the genre ?
Im happy with the way Soggy Bog has been growing. I had a missed opportunity to put out a split 7" with a well known record label, but I didnt have the finances at the time. Its something I would like to do in the future. Id also like to use Soggy Bog as a vehicle to get more involved with the doom scene. I have ideas brewing in my head, i just need the clams to pay for it. Thanks for asking about my new show! Its called Hellfire Sermon. No its not a black metal show! Its a Southern Gothic, Dark folk, Death country hour long podcast. If you like Those Poor Bastards, Goddamn Gallows, Sons of Perdition you might like it. Go to

- Which are your actual faves for 2011 ? which bands do you think will be somekind of new leaders for the doom scene within the next years ?
Man, 2011 has been overwhelming for heavy tunes! Id say my fave has to be The Wounded Kings In the Chapel of the Black Hand. I also loved Meth Drinker, Serpent Venom, Orchid, Sigiriya, Blood Ceremony, The Gates of Slumber, Hank3's country records are great, soooooooo many! Im sure im forgetting quite a few! Im looking forward to the new Blood of the Black owl coming out on Dec 20 (21st is my birthday, just sayin) on Bindrune Recordings. I really think Meth Drinker, Fister, Pallbearer, Windhand and High Priest of Saturn are going to be successful. There are so many great young bands right now!

- There's been Children Of Doom recently played by Devil, but which other french doom metal bands did you ever programm in the show ?
I dont think I've played enough French Doom bands! But i have played A Very old Ghost Behind the Farm (love them), P.H.O.B.O.S, Monarch!, Year of No Light to name a few. Perhaps an all French show is in order ..hmmmm....

- Thanx man, add anything, especially if you feel I forgot something important !
Well, In October Im trying something new on my show . I will be doing a weekly contest called The Great Deceiver. I have some great prizes that Ill be giving away. Ive asked some bands/labels/artists to contribute merchandise to the prize packages and man, have i got some great stuff on the way! Im really shocked at the response! The first week of the contest is October 6th show. Ill have the rules to the contest on my facebook page soon

Thanks you Stephane! Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you best of luck with Temple of Perdition!

Everybody, now please put this link in your faves and play it LOUD !!!

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